4AGEU Engine

An early 4AGEU engine with the sparkplug wires removed. The cam covers feature black-and-blue lettering and the 'T-VIS' acronym is present on the intake manifold block.

4AGEU is Toyota's A Engine.

The 4A-GE is one of the many variations of the 4A series engine. The GE is the high performance sport version of the 4A, the G signifies a wide angle twin cam head, and the E signifies EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection. The predecessor of the 4A-GE was the 2T-G, the 2T-G was the first of Toyotas now legendary series of twin cam engines. The 4A-GE has four main variations, briefly, these are the blue-top 88KW version found in the AE86 and AE82, the red-top 100KW version found in the AE92, the silver-top 120KW version found in the AE101 and finally the black-top 123KW version from the latest AE111. Below is a table of specifications for the JDM AE86 version.

Features 4A-GEU
Years Produced 1984 - 1987
General DOHC Belt
Valves Per Cylinder 4
Displacement 1587cc
Bore x Stroke 81.00mm x 77.00mm
Compression Ratio 9.4 : 1
Fuel Requirements 87 Octane
Max Power 88KW @ 6600Rpm
Max Torque 15.2Kg/cm @ 5200Rpm
Dry Weight 123Kg
Piston Pin 18mm
Crank Pin 40mm
Fuel Metering System MAP
Injector Size 182cc
Injector Impedance 1 Ohm
Injector Type Top Feeder
Fuel Pressure Regulator 2.55kg/cm2
OEM Spark Plug BCPR5EP11
Miscellaneous TVIS Large Port