around the world is a song sung by the Japanese band m.o.v.e and it is heard in Initial D 1st Stage opening as the first opening. The song was replaced by Break in 2 the nite in episode 20. Opening features one of the characters when the song is played.

Lyrics (Translation)Edit

Information, it’s an era

where it travels in a second

But you don’t know

what choice you should take

Money can’t buy my love

What kind of guy gets

the lariat three times?

Following the manual

You just hold each other

You don’t realize there is no love

Before you suffocate, shout ho!!!

In the midnight dream

You can’t even take a breath,

In the sleepless city

Never seeing love but laughing

Safety is in lies, truth is empty

On the edge of danger,

I wanna shout and break out

Now we gotta start let’s go move!

Let’s move into

The brand new world

Let’s dive into the brand new trip

Frightened by the wide world

We’ve just begun, now we go full speed and funky beat

We will shine around the world

Trip to the world

Yo! Here we go unknown world

We newborn travelers

The unfamiliar walk is still charming

The place you want to go

Is under your feet

So many people in this world

It’s not as if there isn’t

Backstabbing once in a while

Let’s warp past these boring things

And go straight

To our reason for living

That’s our law