Atsuro Kawai (川井 淳郎 Kawai Atsurō) is the hillclimb racer and the leader of the Tochigi-based Seven Star Leaf. He seems to be a decent enough driver, again favouring the grip racing techniques, but his mastery of it is uncomparable to that of Takeshi Nakazato. His car is powered up to 400 hp.

Atsuro races against Keisuke during Project D's first expedition in Tochigi.

Age Unknown
Sex Male
Car Nissan Skyline 25GT Turbo (ER34)
Year 1998/1999
Plate 22-936, classification 34, 4-354, Classification 32 (Initial D Arcade Stage Zero)
Color Dark Blue Pearl
Custom Parts SSR Team Sticker, Fujitsubo Sports Muffler, Custom front bumper, and Panasport G7/C5C2 Wheels
Japanese voice actor Seiji Sasaki
English voice actor Scott Freeman
  • Note: Atsuro is driving a 2.5L Turbo RWD Nissan GT R34 also known as 25GT-T Skyline not an AWD Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.