Back On The Rocks is a Eurobeat song by Mr. Groove, also known as Mega NRG Man.

It often plays when a Nissan Skyline GT-R appears in the series.

Occurrences Edit

Initial D: First Stage

Initial D: Fourth Stage

Initial D: Battle Stage 2

Initial D Arcade Stage series

Initial D ~D Selection~

  • Track 12

Initial D ~D Non-Stop Mega Mix~

  • Track 27
  • Track 4 (Mini-CD version)

Initial D Vocal Battle

  • Track 3 (performed by Nobuyuki Hiyama)

Initial D D Best Selection

  • Track 22

Initial D 4th Stage D Selection 3

  • Track 9

Initial D Battle Stage 2 (soundtrack)

  • Disc 2, Track 10

Initial D Fourth Stage Music Complete Box

  • Disc 4, Track 3

Initial D 4th Stage Non-Stop Mega Mix with Battle Digest

  • Disc 2, Track 8

Initial D Final D Selection

  • Disc 2, Track 4

Lyrics Edit

When you get to the top...

You ever been to the top???

Just listen... let me tell ya.

Hear what you're missin'

Shut-up and listen !!!!!!!!!!!!

In the beginning you'll get crazy,

Spending all the money you got !!!

No more women to love you now,

You gotta go and leave town !!!

Back on the rocks

Back on the rocks, baby !!!

You gotta keep your mind together !!!

Back on the rocks

Back on the rocks, baby !!!

You gotta go and live forever !!!

When you're back on the rocks.....

It means: you've been to the top !!!

Just listen to the bad-boy !!!

Givin' the facts on....

It can be all gone !!!!!

Trivia Edit

  • Nissan would occasionally play a rock cover of Toccata and Fugue in D minor when advertising the Skyline GTS-R. This is likely the reason why Back on the Rocks would be played every other time a Skyline appeared in the show.
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