Blind Attack in action.

This article is about the technique. You may be looking for the Fourth Stage episode of the same name.

The Blind Attack is a technique used by Takumi Fujiwara during which he shuts his Eight-Six's headlights when close to an opponent, so the opponent can't see where his car is from the rear-view mirror or judging from his car's headlights.

There is another advantage, which is reduced aerodynamic drag. Since the car's pop-up headlights reduce the car's airflow by a small amount, creating drag, by turning the headlights off, the car's airflow is smoother, creating less aerodynamic drag.

The blind attack was first used against Tomoyuki Tachi of the Todo School.

In the Arcade Stage series, blind attack can be used by holding the Start button down for a few seconds. However, the player's speed is unaffected by it. Starting from Arcade Stage 4, using it disables the "Advantage" meter for the victim and some of Arcade Stage 8 Infinity and Arcade Stage Zero's story missions require the use of the technique in order to complete an objective.

In the manga, it is said that Kenta tried doing a Blind Attack using his S14, but crashed in the proccess of doing it. It is unknown if he did this in the anime or not, as its not mentioned.

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