Dave Rodgers (born Giancarlo Pasquini, February 21, 1963) is an Italian songwriter, composer, and producer known for his contributions to the Eurobeat genre of dance music. Born in Mantua, Italy, he formed Aleph before contributing to the long-running Super Eurobeat series. He owns Rodgers Studio and A-Beat C Productions alongside Alberto Contini.

Many of his songs are featured in Initial D. He is a fan favorite in both the Initial D and Eurobeat communities, with him and his songs being the subject of many memes. In 2019, Rodgers started releasing covers of popular Eurobeat songs (including many of his own), with most of these covers appearing on his 2019 album "Deja Vu". Rodgers also released the album "Initial D Hell" in 2020, named after a popular Initial D Facebook fan page.

Songs in Initial D Edit

Initial D: First Stage Edit

Act 1: The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift!

Act 11: Shingo Arrives

Act 21: Challenge From the Superstar

  • Saturday Night Fever

Act 25: Last Great Battle

Act 26: The New Downhill Legend

Initial D: Second Stage Edit

Act 2: Team Emperor on Akina

Act 13: Changing Seasons

Initial D: Third Stage Edit

Initial D: Fourth Stage Edit

Act 13: Motivation

Act 23: Endless Battle

Act 24: Never-Ending Challenge

Initial D: Battle Stage 2 Edit

AE86 vs Impreza (GC8V)

Initial D: Fifth Stage Edit

Act 9: Grim Reaper

Initial D: Final Stage Edit

Act 2: The Strongest Enemy

  • Magic Sunday (ft. Futura)

Act 3: Dangerous Scent

  • 1 Fire

Songs in Initial D Arcade Stage series Edit

Initial D Arcade Stage Edit


  • Beat of the Rising Sun (Vs Bunta)


Initial D Arcade Stage 2 Edit



  • Beat of the Rising Sun


  • The Race Is Over

Initial D Street Stage Edit

  •  Fevernova 

Initial D Arcade Stage 4/Extreme Stage Edit



  • Eldorado

Initial D Arcade Stage 5 Edit


  • Disco Fire (Day only)

Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity Edit

Momiji Line

  • The Race Of The Night

In Initial D Albums Edit

Initial D Fifth Stage D Selection Edit

Track 04.

  • I Want To Feel

Initial D Fifth Stage Non-Stop D Selection Edit

Track 11

  • I Want To Feel
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