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The New Battlefield (新たなる戦場, Aratanaru senjō) is the second Act of Initial D Fifth Stage.

This episode features the battle between Keisuke Takahashi and Kobayakawa.


The first stage of Project D's Kanagawa expeditions is against Team 246: Satoshi Omiya and Kobayakawa. Although racing for their own pride, 246 are actually part of a grand plan initiated by Team Sidewinder's Go Hojo and Eiji Kubo. As the uphill race begins, Kobayakawa is about to be shown the true ability of Keisuke Takahashi.


After confronting the impersonators, Takumi gets triggered by Mika's encounter and slap caused by them as he drives back home. The following morning, Takumi revealed to Bunta he took a day off work after what happened. Takumi still feels gloomy as Bunta noticed. He then received an anonymous phonecall and rushed into his room. Bunta sensed it was a woman who called him. The caller ended up being Mika whom wanted to give Takumi an apology earlier but he wasn't at work. A relieved Takumi curiously asked how she was able to get his mobile number. Mika got the gas station's work number and they forwarded his mobile number to her. She apologised again and Takumi was then happy that his innocence was proven. Mika then wants to find time to apologise to Takumi personally but unavailable due to conflicting schedules. Takumi offers to come to Saitama as he has free time but then blushes. Mika accepts his proposal. Takumi then drives on his way to see her. They meet at a restaurant for some tea. As conversation starts, Mika at first didn't think Takumi was a bad person. But Takumi told her she still didn't hold back on him. She said she was clouded with anger that she didn't know what she was thinking. Both change the subject and get to know each other. Mika revealed to him she's a golfer in which his father forced her to practice when she was little. Her conflicting schedules made her unavailable to see him in Gunma in Summer break. Takumi too revealed he was raised similarly to her being forced to drive at an illegal age of 13.

Back in Akina lake, Takumi told Itsuki he went to Saitama to see Mika. He told him she is a year younger than them being in her final year of high school. Itsuki asks if he would ask her out on a date in which Takumi denied as their meeting wasn't anything like that. However, Takumi admits to Itsuki he had a thing on her on the day of that fateful encounter. Hearing that both excites Itsuki with a hint of envy. He felt awkward and doesn't know how to shake that sort of feeling off. Meanwhile, Sidewinder leader Go Hojo makes plan for attack for their upcoming battle against Project D. The following day, Mika practices her golf swings in which impresses her coach while Takumi spaces out during his delivery runs. While the SpeedStars work their shift, they look at a golf magazine. They are surprised that Mika is a rising star in golf at the age of 17. Later that evening, Takumi and Keisuke practice the time trials in Kanagawa for their upcoming battle. Go waited years long for Ryosuke Takahashi. As Keisuke completes his run, he is then worried because there were few people watching them with time watches. Fumihiro notices Takumi is ever confident. Shuichi sees Takumi taking a liking on difficult courses and that his car is hard to drive in courses like these but nonetheless is not a problem for him. Fumihiro thinks he is superhuman with strong senses like that. Fumihiro confirms all information is read and the race is prepared. He also has concerns about their opponents might have the ability to read their potentials. Ryosuke suspects that as well and he suggests to him to have some camouflage to prevent them from seeing what their potentials are. But Ryosuke tells him he would rather not play unfairly and they can get all their info as they please as the one's trying to collect their data aren't their next opponents. With their main battle the following night, there won't be time for them to collect their data and there will possibly be such opponent for them later giving them enough time. For now they must focus on their opponents before thinking about themselves.

Shuichi runs the plan with Takumi during the day. The course is revealed to interchanging slopes going both uphill and downhill. Regardless of directions, the battle will focus on changing widths of the road and many courses have those types of terrain with both directions in one. Those types of courses will be important overtaking points to take. Takumi knows that very well from memory but locals have to know how to exploit that in order to not drive in unfavourable conditions. Shuichi then tells him if he's not careful enough then he will fall for that trap. The battle will soon take place that night. In preparation, Keisuke is annoyed with racing against a Lan-Evo again. Fumihiro nicknames his car the Lan-Evo killer in which Keisuke doesn't buy such humour and is annoyed with racing against a car make that he despises because of how fast they are. Kobayakawa then prepares for his match against Keisuke. He prefers to be the chaser to feel what his opponent is capable of and confidently believes he won't be outrun be a 2WD. The first race will only be a reconnaissance. Then the second race will be official. Both opponents introduce each other feeling both their auras. Ryosuke gives his brother prep talk before they take off. Go asks Eiji what the prediction of the race will be. He feels uncertain at the current circumstance.

During the battle, Kobayakawa notices his power and footwork are impressive. But as the roads become steep and rough, he sees if he will be able to handle the terrain. Keisuke prepares then himself for the narrow roads he will have to face. Kobayakawa feels great power in his FD's hillclimbing abilities but lacks his driver's presence in which he finds boring. Omiya believes Kobayakawa made the right choice in following Keisuke because if he can figure out what makes him faster or slower than his opponent during practice, he will be able to make a bold and decisive maneuver on the second round. Omiya will think about what strategy he will use on his race once he receives results on the hillclimb race. Fumihiro ask the strategy he discussed with Keisuke. It wasn't anything special on their part but the disadvantages Keisuke will face in the battle will eventually cause him to preserve his tyres for the high speed section. At the halfway point of the race, the slope will be milder than the first and Kobayakawa wonders where and when Keisuke will make a move. Ryosuke states a long race against a Lan-Evo is Keisuke's weakness which puts him at a disadvantage but the key strategy for him to win is for him to raise up his top speed which was what he meant by his job is "half-finished" during his practice run the day before. Kobayakawa becomes impatient on when Keisuke will make a move. He realises Keisuke's strategy and his Evo will not lose to anyone through rapid acceleration. The rest of the race will be on concentration. If one mistake were to be made then they will lose. as the narrow roads approach, Keisuke makes his move and pushes his FD and Kobayakawa follows on. The gap is widening for Kobayakawa and barely can keep up with Keisuke's acceleration.


  • Animax: November 9, 2012

Characters (in order of appearance)[]

  1. Takumi Fujiwara
  2. Mika Uehara
  3. Bunta Fujiwara
  4. Itsuki Takeuchi
  5. Satoshi Omiya
  6. Kobayakawa
  7. Go Hojo
  8. Eiji Kubo
  9. Hideo Minagawa
  10. Ryuji Ikeda
  11. Kenji
  12. Koichiro Iketani
  13. Keisuke Takahashi
  14. Ryosuke Takahashi
  15. Kenta Nakamura
  16. Fumihiro
  17. Tomiguchi
  18. Shuichi Matsumoto


  1. Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)
  2. Toyota Corolla Levin SR (AE85)
  3. Mazda Roadster RS (NB8C)
  4. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR (CT9A)
  5. Mazda ɛ̃fini RX-7 Type R (FD3S)


  1. Raise Up - m.o.v.e
  2. Runaway - Leo River
  3. Flyleaf - Clutcho


Mika: Umm...Sorry I called you all of a sudden. I wanted to apologise to you earlier. Are you still mad?

Takumi: Oh no! I'm just glad that you realised I didn't do it. Anyway, how did you know my mobile number?

Mika: I called the gas station and asked for your number.

Takumi: I see...

Mika: I'm very sorry. It was cruel of me saying these things and slapping you hard. I really should find a time to see you and apologise personally. I promise I'll find a time to do so!

Takumi: If you want, I can drive up where you are if that's fine.

Takumi: Ok what the hell am I saying?..... (while he blushes)

Mika: Is it okay with you?

Takumi: Umm sure...

Mika: Thanks for coming all this way!

Notes & Trivia[]

  • "If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles", said by Eiji Kubo, is a quote from Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

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