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Revenge! The Rumbling Turbo (リベンジ宣言!ほえるターボ, Ribenji sengen! Hoeru tābo) is the second Act of Initial D First Stage.


When his boss reveals that the Eight-Six driver from Mt. Akina owns a tofu shop, Iketani begins to wonder if the legendary racer might have an intimate connection to Takumi.


Keisuke after spinning out in his battle with the Eight-Six

While the Eight-Six performs an inertia drift, Keisuke spins out while the Eight-Six drives off into the night. A confused Keisuke wonders if the car he just raced was a ghost of a deceased driver. Keisuke's pride couldn't accept his mountain spec tuned car being beaten by a mere Eight-Six and vowed revenge.

Takumi and Natsuki talks

Early morning at the tofu shop, Bunta receives a phone call and wakes Takumi to answer the phone call. He tells his dad to tell Itsuki to call him later but dismisses his request. As Takumi returns the call, he realized it was actually Natsuki who called him. Takumi and Natsuki meet up that morning and she mentions the conversation between him and Itsuki about cars that she had overheard. Takumi tells her that he got his license not long ago, and Natsuki suggests they should go for a drive and have a picnic. Takumi tells her they only use the car for work and she wouldn't like an old model car, but she says that she couldn't care less of how old the car is nor the shape as long as it has a stereo and can get them anywhere they want. Natsuki suggest they go somewhere far away like the beach.

Iketani checks out the Eight-Six at the Tofu Shop

Iketani pulls up outside the tofu shop seeing the Eight-Six parked outside. He recalls Yuichi's words that the fastest in Akina an Eight-Six that delivers tofu. As he stares at the car, he doubts that it could be the fastest on Akina due to how old the model is and everything in the car being stock except the fog lights. Takumi appeared before his eyes and asked if he was out for tofu. Iketani takes Takumi out for a drive and Takumi curiously asked if he was staring in front of his house all morning. He then realised Takumi lives at the tofu shop. Iketani asked if Takumi was serious when he told him he didn't know anything about cars or if he was pretending to not know what an Eight-Six was, because he owns one. Takumi said isn't an Eight-Six but a Trueno, which Iketani corrects that a Trueno is an Eight-Six. He continues that both the Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno are known as the Eight-Six due to having the same chassis code "AE86".

Iketani works on his S13

As their work shift at the gas station starts, Itsuki becomes shocked that Takumi actually owns an Eight-Six, and accuses him of keeping it a secret from him. Takumi tries to calm him down by stating that he didn't know what an Eight-Six was until earlier. Itsuki finally understands what Takumi is coming from and excitingly requests he borrow the car so that he can look cool when he goes to watch the RedSuns race the SpeedStars. Takumi couldn't care less about the race causing Itsuki to strangle him hoping to get him to have local pride. When their work shift ends for the night and Iketani puts new tires on his S13. Kenji and another member of the SpeedStars show up and comment that the new tires he had bought aren't cheap but Iketani says that he needs tyres with high grip to improve his time. He also bought some high performance brake pads which are necessary for downhill braking. Iketani's friend asked if he will be the one racing that night in which Iketani says he will on the downhill. He suggests him to not overdo it or one mistake will cost him his life. Iketani can accept the risk but it's not his pride he's concerned about but he is defending his turf.

Iketani, Itsuki and Takumi watches Keiichi drifting on the TV

Back in Akina pass, Keisuke practices drifting and demands the Eight-Six come out and race him so he can get revenge. The next morning, Itsuki, Iketani and Takumi watch a drifting video of Keiichi Tsuchiya and Iketani mentions that he is drifting using the gas pedal. Itsuki excitingly tells Takumi to watch it but he's not paying attention and is reading a book. Itsuki asks him if he even knows what drifting is. Takumi claims he does so and Itsuki tests him by explaining. As Takumi explains, Itsuki tells him "corner" is the correct term to use instead of "curve". He resumes his explanation telling him drifting is done when you make the front tyres slide so the car isn't facing the inside during the turn otherwise you're not in control. Both burst out laughing and Itsuki corrects him that sliding the front tyres is "understeering" the car. Iketani too corrects Takumi that the rear tyres is where the drift comes from. Both continue laughing but Yuichi knows Takumi's explanation isn't wrong because in the middle of the drift, the car actually understeers. Takumi's driving style is too complicated for them to understand due to his experience in mastering the 4 wheel drift which impresses Yuichi. Yuichi then orders them to resume working.

Keisuke then coincidentally pulls up. As Takumi fills up his car, Keisuke recognizes Iketani's S13. He asks Iketani about the "ghost" who drives an Eight-Six. takumi meanwhile looks amazed at Keisuke's FD. Iketani thinks Keisuke is joking, but Keisuke was being serious because while the car is outdated, the one behind the wheel has skills beyond an average racer. He doesn't want to waste anymore time but reminds him to tell the driver he will continue to pursue him until he can beat him in a rematch. He then assures him that there is no hope of victory for the SpeedStars after taking practice runs at Akina pass and drives off. Iketani couldn't wrap his head around the fact that an old Eight-Six could outrun an FD.

Bunta gives Takumi the cup of water for helping in tofu delivery

In the early morning, Takumi prepares for his usual delivery run. As usual, Bunta fills the cup up with water and Takumi notices he put a lot more water than he usually does but Bunta reminds him same rules apply not to spill it and drives off. However, Takumi is still able to control his drift without spilling as his delivery progresses.

Takumi and Natsuki talks at the school

Another day in school begins and Takumi tells Itsuki to stop judging him by the look on his eyes. Finally Takumi gives in and allows Itsuki to rock up in Akina that night with him inside the Eight-Six and he won't forgive him if he bails out on him. Takumi finds it pointless for him to get excited about it. As Itsuki boasts, Takumi sneaks away from him in which Itsuki rushes to him. Upstairs, Itsuki promises to lay-off whatever bores him but won't allow him to be harsh on him. As 2 girls walk by, Itsuki peeps one girl with her panties exposed and Takumi saw the perverse side of him in which Itsuki denies but Natsuki ended up being there shortly. Natsuki quickly needed to see Takumi which envies Itsuki. Up the school's rooftop, Natsuki tells something important to Takumi. She ended up revealing to Takumi she bought a two-piece bikini one day ago. An embarrassed Takumi felt that was a waste of time for her to tell something of that being important. Natsuki was overexcited to tell that to anyone and tells Takumi to guess what colour it is. He answered with "purple" in which Natsuki said he is possibly correct. But he will never know unless he agrees to take her to the beach. He agrees to do so and she won't allow Takumi to back out due to how she hates broken promises.

Meanwhile during the evening in Akina, Iketani struggles to control his S13 on a practice run and nearly grazes a guardrail. His practice run ends with no chance of success. Iketani doubts a miracle would improve his timing. He would have a better chance if he gave it full throttle but it isn't as easy as it seems for him. These thoughts would make him think his team should be called "The Fallen Stars" if he would be the only one who can defend Akina.

Iketani talks to Bunta at the tofu shop

In the morning Iketani comes by the tofu shop. Bunta shows up and suspects him to be the one who outran Keisuke that night. As Iketani stares into space, he asks for some fried tofu. He then introduces himself and curiously asks if he heard about a tofu shop owner in an Eight-Six which they claim to be the fastest in Akina. Bunta dismisses the said information and tells him he's not the right person to ask. Iketani didn't want him to humour him as he knows of his suspicion since his shop is the only place where the Eight-Six is parked at. Bunta continues to ignore him and charges him 140 yen for the tofu. Iketani still pleads to Bunta for some information but can spare no time since he is busy. Iketani snaps because he is the only customer inside for him to be busy. Bunta feels somewhat offended but he is desperate since his incompetent team is challenged by the much more experienced Akagi RedSuns. And begs for him to teach him some techniques. Bunta told him it would be impossible for him to learn in a couple of days since mountain pass driving takes years of experience especially going on the downhill and it won't be easy for him to teach techniques as it requires only for an individual to figure out.

Iketani dodges the oncoming car before crashing

Iketani then desperately practices again that night only to crash the guardrail after dodging an incoming driver.



  • Fuji TV: April 25, 1998


  1. Keisuke Takahashi
  2. Takumi Fujiwara 
  3. Bunta Fujiwara
  4. Natsuki Mogi
  5. Koichiro Iketani
  6. Yuichi Tachibana
  7. Itsuki Takeuchi
  8. Kenji


  1. Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)
  2. Mazda ɛ̃fini RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
  3. Nissan Silvia K's (S13)



  1. around the world - m.o.v.e
  2. Be My Babe - Jilly
  3. Remember Me - Leslie Parrish
  4. Spark In The Dark - Man Power
  5. Rage Your Dream - m.o.v.e


  1. Initialize - Drop Logic
  2. Veritgo - Willknots
  3. My Type - BOL
  4. Initialize (Instrumental) - Drop Logic
  5. Machine - Full Frequency
  6. Initialize (DJ Milky D-Mix) - DJ Milky & b_nCHANt_d


Takumi Fujiwara: Wow. Is he planning to fly with this?

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Keiichi Tsuchiya is shown drifting an S14 in the VHS tape, this uses real life footage.
    • This is one of the few moments of the show where real life footage is used.

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