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The Starting Line to Victory (勝利へのスタートライン, Shōri e no sutātorain) is the fifth Act of Initial D: Fourth Stage.

This episode features the beginning of the race between Takumi Fujiwara and Tomoyuki Tachi.


The Toudou School brings in a professional driver to face Project D in a rematch. With reputations on the line, Ryosuke must decide who will represent the team.




  • Animax: August 21, 2004

Characters (in order of appearance)[]

  1. Koichiro Iketani
  2. Takumi Fujiwara
  3. Itsuki Takeuchi
  4. Smiley Sakai
  5. Daiki Ninomiya
  6. Tomoyuki Tachi
  7. Todo
  8. Bunta Fujiwara
  9. Keisuke Takahashi
  10. Ryosuke Takahashi
  11. Kyoichi Sudo
  12. Hiroshi Fumihiro
  13. Shuichi Matsumoto
  14. Kenta Nakamura
  15. Tomiguchi


  1. Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)
  2. Todo School Spoon Civic Type R Demo Car (EK9)
  3. Honda Civic Type R (EK9)
  4. Mazda efini RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
  5. Mazda SAVANNA RX-7 ∞ III (FC3S)
  6. Honda Integra Type R (DC2)


  1. Dogfight - M.o.v.e
  2. Give Me Your Love - Dino Starr
  3. Night Trip - Sylverr
  4. Blast My Desire - M.o.v.e


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