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The Fujiwara Tofu Store (藤原とうふ店 Fujiwara tōfu-ten) is a tofu store owned by Bunta Fujiwara and is the home of him and his son, Takumi. It is located in Ikaho Onsen, Shibukawa, Gunma.

The shop bore a resemblance to the Fujino Store Tofu Shop that used to stand in Shibukawa. The Fujino Tofu Store was transformed into the Fujiwara Tofu Store in the 2005 live action film. After the shooting for the film ended, the Fujinoki's (the owners of the store) decided to keep the Fujiwara Tofu Store sign up, with the shop becoming a popular location to visit among fans. After the owner, Mr Fujinoki, passed away in 2008, the shop was closed in 2009 and was demolished in 2010. The sign now resides in the Ikaho Toy, Doll & Car Museum, alongside a replica of the storefront and Takumi's Eight-Six. A sign noting that it was the location of the Fujino Store Tofu Shop used to be hung on the fence outside the house that stands where it used to be.



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