The Gutter Techniques are Takumi's specialty is using the gutters of mountain passes to his advantage when racing. Other characters, especially Project D's opponents, use this technique as well. Here are the techniques used:

Gutter Hook version 1Edit

Gutter 01

Version 1

First Used: AE86 vs. FD3S (Takumi vs. Keisuke)

This is the one Takumi is most known for and has been used multiple times when racing on Akina. It's an entry-oriented method that doesn't let the driver understeer at the entrance. The inner tires are dropped into the gutter to withstand the centrifugal force of the turn. It allows the car to turn beyond the grip of its tires.

Gutter Hook version 2Edit

Gutter 02

Version 2

First Used: AE86 vs. FC3S (Takumi vs. Ryosuke)
Second used: AE86 vs. EVO IV (Takumi vs. Seiji)

This is the same technique as above except it's the exit-oriented method. The timing to drop in the tires and release them is different. Instead of using the gutter when entering the turn, it's used when exiting. This technique is better than the one above, and Takumi uses it to turn the battle around when he's desperate. This version is rarely used. It was used once against Ryosuke and again against Seiji.

Without GutterEdit

Gutter 03

Without with Gutter

First Used: AE86 vs. SW20 (Takumi vs. Kai)

In Third Stage, Takumi used the height difference between the pavement and the ground to turn. It's basically the same technique as the two above except without the gutter. The tires are dropped off of the road, and they grab the side of the pavement. This was only used in the race against Kai at Irohazaka.

Wheel liftingEdit

Gutter 04

Wheel lifting

First Used: AE86 vs. MX5 (Takumi vs. Tohru)
Second Used: FD3S vs. BNR34 (Keisuke vs. Kozo)

This technique was used multiple times. On the Seven Star Leaf's home course, there were deep gutters that were left uncovered. The first two techniques would not work here. Instead, this technique is the total opposite of those two. It requires shifting the weight to the rear tires, taking as much weight off of the inner front tire as possible. It allows the car to float the inner tire above the gutter while taking the corner at full speeds. This technique was first used against Toru and was secondly used against Keisuke, this time with Kozo as the performer.