Heartbeat is a song by Nathalie.

The song is played when Takumi uses the gutter run on the battle against Keisuke as well as against Nakazato.

Occurrences[edit | edit source]

Initial D: First Stage

Initial D Arcade Stage series

Initial D ~D Selection~

  • Track 10

Initial D ~D Non-Stop Mega Mix~

  • Track 28

Initial D D Best Selection

  • Track 20

Initial D Super Euro-Best

  • Track 11 (as Heartbeat (DJ Shu Remix))

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

It's the beat of my heart

What you feel deep inside

And it means you better stay behind my love

It's the dance of your soul

That you try try to release

Never unchain your hot emotions

Feel it, feel it babe feel the fire

Is burning deep inside me

Listen,listen honey listen to

Drum is in to you

Dance to the ..

Heartbeat woh oh oh

You better take your chances right now

Dance do the ...

Heartbeat and let it go

Seek the power that in your body flows

It's the sound of your heart

That you hear deep inside

And it means you better change your plans



It's a whisper of life

That you try to believe

Never give up without defending

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