Hiroya Okuyama (奥山 広也 Okuyama Hiroya) is the number 1 driver or Zero 1 of Team Spiral.

Okuyama too believes in Ikeda's "Zero Theory" and is disappointed when he won't be able to use his car's full potential due to the rain.

Okuyama, unlike Ikeda, is very arrogant and confident in his abilities. He also refuses to greet Project D upon meeting them.

His battle against Takumi is raced in the team's first fog battle, but the result was similar to Takumi's battle against Nobuhiko of the Saitama Alliance: Takumi used half his potential until the first hairpin, where he left Okuyama behind.

Age Unknown
Sex Male
Car Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero (S15)
Modifications GP sports Exas Evo tune titanium muffler, G-master premium coilovers, White Gullflame wheels, G-sonic Evolution Aerokit, GP Sports low mount 3D GT wing, OMP GP Sports collab steering wheel; Bride bucket racing seats; Black Takata harnesses.
Voiced by Shuhei Sakaguchi


Trivia Edit

● Hiroya Okuyama also appears in MF Ghost as a recurring character