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Ichijo (一条), also known as the Man of Lan Evo VI (ランエVIの男 Man of Lan Evo VI) is the downhill racer for the Tsuchisaka Lancer Evolution team. Unlike Aikawa, Ichijo is more cunning and tactful, in that he arranges for the oil spill on the road and bringing a group of gangsters (via another team member) to beat up Project D's members should Project D win. Although there is no mention of who the leader of this team is, it seems that Ichijo shows more of a leadership role than his teammate. Prior to his race against Takumi, he advises for Takumi to lose his match otherwise there will be dire repercussions.

As a racer, he is depicted as having poor braking skill. In the race with Takumi, he takes the runner position and leads for a fair share of the race until they hit the corner where the oil had been spilled earlier. Ichijo manages to slip on a bit of the oil and slides to the outside, allowing Takumi to easily pass him and take the lead. There were plenty of chances to outrun him, but he was spooked by Takumi's drifting of the Trueno on the final corner. There he finds out that Takumi is a different, terrifying animal once he is driving, unlike the timid guy he tried to scare before the race.

Age mid 20s
Sex Male
Year 1999
Plate 86-502, classification 36 (Anime and Arcade Stage 8 Infinity)
Color Scotia White
Car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR Tommi Makinen Edition (CP9A)
Custom Parts Spoiler removed, HKS Muffler, Ralliart Header
Japanese voice actor Mitsuaki Madono
English voice actor Jonathan Brooks