The battle between Impact Blue and the Altezza Guys is an anime-only battle featured in Initial D: Extra Stage 2.

Prior to the Battle Edit

After finishing a practice run, Impact Blue encounter a pair of Altezza drivers, who harass Mako and Sayuki. One of the jerks lean near Mako's window, and the other one leans over their car's bonnet. The jerks start mocking Mako and Sayuki, saying they wouldn't be good since they were female drivers. This pisses them off and, to prove them wrong, they accept their challenge to race.

During the Battle Edit

Mako lets the Altezza guys take the lead. Mako starts to show her high speed drift techniques. The Altezza driver gets worried when he can't pull away. Sayuki advises Mako to overtake in the C-121 corner. She thinks about how Mako has improved since her battle with Takumi. Mako says they dont have to wait for C-121 since she can overtake them in the next corner. She then proceeds to do so, as the Altezza Guys watch in disbelief.

After the Battle Edit

Music Edit

Extra Stage 2 Edit

  • Falling Into My Heart - Terrence Holler 
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