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Initial D: Perfect Shift Online is a 2014 free to play online game for the Nintendo 3DS based on the Initial D series. It was only released in Japan. Its servers are no longer up, so a majority of the game is now unplayable.

The game was playable between April 2nd 2014 and June 30th 2015, and had been removed from the Nintendo eShop on May 27th 2015. The game was shut down due to the developer being unsatisfied by the service.









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The Perfect Shift Online 2nd Stage logo

A sequel, known as Initial D: Perfect Shift Online 2nd Stage, was reported to be in production around the same time that the original was shut down. The game would have featured the same gameplay as its predecessor with new content added. It was supposedly scheduled for a winter 2015 release in Japan, however the game has yet to be released and, with the 3DS being replaced with the Nintendo Switch, it is unlikely that the game will ever be released.


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