Initial D: Ryosuke Takahashi's Fastest Typing-theory (頭文字D 高橋涼介のタイピング最速理論) is a typing game based on Initial D: First Stage. It was followed by a sequel based off of Second Stage.

It features footage from 5 of the major battles from the series, with each battle acting as its own level. 4 of the battles are available from the beginning, with the final battle against Ryosuke Takahashi becoming unlocked after the previous levels have been completed.

Players have to type out the text that is shown to them on the screen to progress through the race, with errors lowering the players HP. If the HP bar runs out, the player crashes and has to start the battle over.

Battles[edit | edit source]

Music[edit | edit source]

Main Menu

vs FD3S

vs R32

  • Burning Up For You - Sara

vs EG6

vs SilEighty

  • Stay - Victoria

vs FC3S

  • Beat of the Rising Sun - Dave Rodgers

Practice Mode


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