Initial D: Second Stage (頭文字[イニシャル]D Second Stage) is the second instalment of the Initial D series. It continues after the events of Initial D: First Stage. Produced by OB Planning and Fuji TV, and directed by Shin'ichi Masaki. It covers from chapter 78 to 145 (volumes 8 to 13).

From this stage onwards cars carry the official brands and logos, as the series now had permission to use them (whereas they didn't with First Stage). Cars also now have proper license plates.

Story[edit | edit source]

"Emperor," a Lancer-EVO team from the Tochigi region, known for taking decals of racing teams they defeat, has arrived with the goal to crush every team in Gunma.

It doesn't take them long to discover a particular challenge in taking on the downhill legend known as "Akina's Eight-Six."

However, Takumi Fujiwara's AE86 is virtually no match against the more powerful and more agile four-wheel-drive EVOs of the Emperor team. The RedSuns come to the rescue. Who will win?

Characters[edit | edit source]

These are the prominent characters in this season of the series.

Battle[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

The episodes were broadcast by Fuji TV on Fridays at 01:55 (JST). The series aired from October 14th, 1999 through January 20th 2000, with a one-week break over the New Year period.

  1. A New Threat (掟やぶりのスーパーウエポン, Okite ya buri no sūpāuepon, known as A New Threat! in the Tokyopop version)
  2. Team Emperor on Akina (ランエボ軍団、秋名出撃!, Ran'ebo gundan, Akina shutsugeki!)
  3. The Feeling of Defeat (敗北の予感, Haiboku no yokan)
  4. Hollow Victory (燃えない勝利, Moenai shōri)
  5. Countdown to Destruction (破滅へのカウントダウン, Hametsu e no kauntodaun)
  6. Goodbye Eight-Six (さようならハチロク, Sayōnara hachiroku)
  7. Battle at Akagi (赤城バトル! 白と黒の閃光!, Akagi batoru! Shiro to kuro no senkō!)
  8. Dangerous Impression (そのクルマ 凶暴につき, Sono kuruma kyōbō ni tsuki)
  9. The New Eight-Six (ニューハチロク誕生, Nyūhachiroku tanjō
  10. The Eight-Six Turbo (宣戦布告ハチロクターボ, Sensen fukoku hachirokutābo)
  11. The Seal Has Been Broken (封印は解き放たれた..., Fūin wa tokihanata reta...)
  12. Eight-Six vs. Eight-Six (ハチロクVSハチロク 魂のバトル, Hachiroku VS hachiroku tamashī no batoru)
  13. Changing Seasons (移りゆく季節のなかで, Utsuri yuku kisetsu no naka de) 

Cast[edit | edit source]

These are the prominent characters in this season of the series.

Takumi Fujiwara Shinichiro Miki
Ryosuke Takahashi Takehito Koyasu
Keisuke Takahashi Tomokazu Seki
Bunta Fujiwara Unshou Ishizuka
Itsuki Takeuchi Mitsuo Iwata
Wataru Akiyama Yasunori Matsumoto
Kazumi Akiyama Ryouka Yuzuki
Seiji Iwaki Kazuhisa Kawahara
Koichiro Iketani Kazuki Yao
Kenji Wataru Takagi
Natsuki Mogi Ayako Kawasumi
Kyoichi Sudo Masahiko Tanaka
Yuichi Tachibana Tomomichi Nishimura

Anime and Manga Differences[edit | edit source]

  • Takumi, Natsuki and Tsukamoto's visit to Akagi is cut. Tsukamoto doesn't appear in the anime either, being replaced with a member of Thunder Fire.
  • Natsuki applies to work for Fast Burger in the anime, however she applies to work at Yuichi's Gas Station in the manga.
  • In the manga Natsuki and Benz Papa was coming out of a Love Hotel when Takumi witnesses the event. In the anime it was toned down to a Family Restaurant. Because of all this it is not implied that if Natsuki actually had any sexual relations with the Benz Papa in the anime.
  • In the manga, there are no spectators for Takumi's battle with Wataru on Shomaru Pass.

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