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Initial D Arcade Stage 2 (also known as Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.2, or simply Initial D Ver.2 in the US) is a 2002 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the second game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series.

Opening sequence[]

The opening starts with a shot of Irohazaka. As the song begins to play, it begins to feature Takumi's AE86 driving through the pass. It later cuts through a re-enactment of different battles from the series such as Keisuke's race with Kyoko, Takumi's race with Sakamoto, as well as Takumi's race with Kai Kogashiwa. It finally cuts through Takumi's race with Kyoichi Sudo, with the former beating him at the end of the 3rd bridge.


In alphabetical order:











Use Song Artist
Opening Gamble Rumble m.o.v.e
Select Live In Tokyo Kelly Wright
Myogi (day) Space Boy Dave Rodgers
Myogi (night) Night Of Fire Niko
Usui (day) Don't Stop The Music Lou Grant
Usui (night) Love Is In Danger Priscilla
Akagi (day) Killing My Love Leslie Parrish
Akagi (night) Running In The 90s Max Coveri
Akina (day) Grand Prix Mega NRG Man
Akina (night) Beat of the Rising Sun Dave Rodgers
Happogahara Heartbeat Nathalie
Irohazaka (Day) Rock Me To The Top Dusty
Irohazaka (Kai Kogashiwa, Project D) Station to Station Derreck Simons
Ending The Race Is Over Dave Rodgers


  • During the opening sequence, Keisuke's race with Kyoko and Takumi's race with Sakamoto take place in Irohazaka. This is likely because neither Sadamine or Maze Pass appear in the game.

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