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Initial D Arcade Stage 3 (also known as Initial D Arcade Stage Ver.3, Initial D 3, or simply Initial D Version 3 in the US) is a 2004 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the third game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series.

Opening sequence[]

After the Sega logos appear, the game opens with the standard safety message. Later, it cuts to Takumi's AE86 going out for a drive before later cutting to the different main vehicles from the series. It then shifts to the battle between Takumi and Keisuke, with Takumi overtaking Keisuke. Then, it shifts to Takumi's battle with Takeshi Nakazato. During the battles, the major teams from the series are shown, including manga pictures to show the feeling of the characters. It later cuts to Takumi's battle with Ryosuke Takahashi, with Takumi overtaking Ryosuke in the last corner. It then finally shows the sequence of Takumi's impromptu race against Bunta in the Impreza, with the latter defeating him.


In alphabetical order:











Use Song Artist
Opening Gamble Rumble m.o.v.e
Myogi Speedy Speed Boy Marko Polo
Usui Remember Me Leslie Parrish
Akagi Save Me Leslie Parrish
Akina (day) Over The Rainbow Powerful T.
Akina (night & snow) Stop Your Self Control Marko Polo
Irohazaka Crazy For Love Dusty
Happogahara Express Love Mega NRG Man
Shomaru Pass Black Out Overload
Tsuchisaka (day) Fall In The Web Of Desire Powerful T.
Tsuchisaka (night) Pamela Matt Land
Tsuchisaka (Project D) Fight For Love Tonight Ace Warrior
Ending Dancin' In My Dreams J.Storm


Initial D Arcade Stage 3 had a special edition for use with Sega and Simuline's Cycraft cabinets. Cycraft was a motion simulator used with racing games, which moved the unit around depending on what was happening in the game, giving the user a more immersive experience.

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