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Initial D Arcade Stage 4 (also known as Initial D 4 in the US) is a 2007 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the fourth game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series. A limited edition, called Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Kai, also exists. This is the last entry to have a full English localization.


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Use Song Artist
Opening Raimei -out of kontrol- m.o.v.e
Akina Lake (day) Let's Go Come On Manuel
Akina Lake (night) Go Beat Crazy Fastway
Myogi (day) Speed Car D-Team
Myogi (night) Fly To Me To The Moon And Back The Spiders From Mars
Akagi (day) Revolution Fastway
Akagi (night) We'll See Heaven Digital Planet
Akina (day) All Around Lia
Akina (night) Eldorado Dave Rodgers
Akina (vs Bunta) The Fire's On Me Spock
Irohazaka (day) Raising Hell Fastway
Irohazaka (night) Space Love
Tsukuba (day) No Control Manuel
Tsukuba (night) Forever Young Symbol
Tsukuba (Project D) Rider Of The Sky Ace
Ending Namida 3000 m.o.v.e



If data is lost due to license renewal, it can now be recovered inside the chassis. The gameplay has not changed.


By adjusting the boost and behavior in national battles and in-store battles, some bug techniques can no longer be used, so it is now necessary to run accurately during battles. In the past, some of the chassis that were connected online had unrelated straight lines (deterioration of CG) while driving on the course, but it seems that they have almost disappeared now.

Ver.1.50 (Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Kai)[]

Added cars:

  • Altezza SXE10
  • Roadster NA6C
  • RX-8 SE3P

The behavior of the cars, mainly the behavior when undershoots appear, has been changed. Under-cancellation, a method for eliminating the acceleration penalty for understeering, can no longer be used. The penalty for crashing into walls and barriers has been increased. Background Music can be selected, and you can choose to have no music. The directional buttons, start button and view change button are now lit. The amount of smoke when drifting and the amount of sparks when colliding with a guardrail or opponent have increased. Sega was now able to acquire play logs from certain stores, and cheating players are able to have their licenses invalidated, preventing them from playing online.

In addition, the demo has been changed (at the beginning, the FD tachometer repeats ups and downs of the number of revolutions, and immediately after that, the number of revolutions increases until the meter of the 86 hits the rev limiter. Logo, some CG changes, etc.). Title and logo changes. "Kai" has been added to the current one.

Ver.1.51 (Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Kai)[]

The version was upgraded during the "Kai" location test, but no changes seem to be found. It did not spread to general stores.

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited[]

During the release of Arcade Stage 4, Sega released an attraction based on the game at the Joypolis amusement park in Tokyo, Japan. It involved 3 life-size replicas of Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota AE86, Keisuke Takahashi's Mazda RX-7, and Bunta Fujiwara's Subaru Impreza in the form of moving simulators with 90 inch monitors. The players were required to get in each of the vehicles and go through the game's story mode using them. It ran from 2007 to 2019.






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