Initial D: Arcade Stage 4 (also known as Initial D 4 in the US) is a 2007 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the fourth game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series. A limited edition, called Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Kai, also exists. This is the last entry to have a full English localization.

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Soundtrack Edit


Akina Lake

  • Let's Go Come On - Manuel (Day only)
  • Go Beat Crazy - Fastway (Night only)



  • Revolution - Fastway (Day only)
  • We'll See Heaven - Digital Planet (Night only)


  • All Around - Lia (Day only)
  • Eldorado - Dave Rodgers (Night only)


  • Raising Hell - Fastway (Day only)
  • Space Love - Fastway (Night only)


Akina (Fight Bunta)

  • The Fire's On Me - Spock


  • Namida 3000 - M.o.v.e

Updates Edit


If the data is lost due to the renewal of the license, it can be recovered in the case. The game nature has not changed.


I adjusted the boost and behavior in the national match and the in-store match, and I couldn't use the bug technique, so it was necessary to run accurately when the match. Some of the chassis that have been connected online in the past have had some irrelevant straight lines (deterioration of CG) during course driving, but it seems that they are almost gone now.

Ver.1.50 (Initial D Arcade Stage 4 revised)Edit

Added cars:

  • Altezza SXE10
  • Roadster NA6C
  • RX-8 SE3P

the behavior of the car has been changed, mainly when the under is exposed. Also, I could not use under cancellation. Also, the attract demo has been changed (at the beginning, the FD tachometer repeatedly goes up and down for many revolutions, and immediately after that, it appears that the number of revolutions goes up until the meter for Hachirok goes to the rev limiter. Logo, some CG changes etc.).

Ver.1.51 (Initial D Arcade Stage 4 revised)Edit

It is a version upgrade performed during the location test of "revised", but no change seems to be found. It did not spread to general stores.

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited Edit

During the release of Arcade Stage 4, Sega released an attraction based on the game at the Joypolis amusement park in Tokyo, Japan. It involved 3 life-size replicas of Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota AE86, Keisuke Takahashi's Mazda RX-7, and Bunta Fujiwara's Subaru Impreza in the form of moving simulators. The players were required to get in each of the vehicles and go through the game's story mode using them. It ran from 2007 to 2019.

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