Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX, also known as Initial D Arcade Stage 7 Double Aces X, is a 2012 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the seventh game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series.

Characters[edit | edit source]

In alphabetical order:

Cars[edit | edit source]

Honda[edit | edit source]

Mazda[edit | edit source]

Mitsubishi[edit | edit source]

Nissan[edit | edit source]

Subaru[edit | edit source]

Suzuki[edit | edit source]

Toyota[edit | edit source]

Complete Car[edit | edit source]

Courses[edit | edit source]

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Use Song Artist
Opening Cross The X m.o.v.e
Akina Lake Disconnected Hotblade
Usui Remember Me Leslie Parrish
Myogi Night Of Fire Niko
Akagi I Need A Revolution Marko
Akina Power Two Hotblade
Irohazaka Crazy For Love Dusty
Happogahara Burning Up The Night (Total Fire) 2 Fast
Tsukuba Freedom Ride The Snake
Nagao Ministry Of Power Fastway
Tsubaki Line Speed Of Light The Snake
Sadamine Up & Dance, Up & Go Lou Master
Tsuchisaka Pamela Matt Land
Nanamagari Limousine Manuel
Project D,



The Top Ken Blast
Other Burn Inside Takenobu & Kunoichi
Ending Gamble Rumble (Stage 7 Version) m.o.v.e

Updates[edit | edit source]

Ver.1.0 + A[edit | edit source]

Release: May 1, 2013

Added courses:

  • Tsuchisaka (Snow) (Weather is Day)

Ver.1.0 + B[edit | edit source]

Release: August 1, 2013

Added cars:

  • Mazdaspeed Roadster C-Spec NA6C
  • Power House Amuse S2000 GT1 AP1

The appearance of X class, the addition of character parts were done

Ver.1.0 + C[edit | edit source]

Release: November 1, 2013

Added courses:

  • Tsukuba (Snow) (Weather is Night)

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