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Initial D: Arcade Stage 8 Infinity is a 2014 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the eighth game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series.


In alphabetical order:









Complete Car



Use Song Artist
Opening Outsoar the Rainbow m.o.v.e
Akina Lake Breakin' Out Ace
Usui Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Tonight Annalise
Myogi Come On Baby Fastway
Akagi Sunlight Kaioh
Akina Prayer Ducky Chix
Akina (vs Bunta) Outsoar the Rainbow m.o.v.e
Akina (vs Keisuke) Raise Up m.o.v.e
Irohazaka Your Love Is Like A Medicine Mega NRG Man
Hakone When The Sun Goes Down Ken Blast
Tsukuba Super Driver Daniel
Sadamine Kiss Bamboo Bimbo
Tsuchisaka Far From The Light Leo River
Momiji Line The Race of the Night Dave Rodgers
Happogahara Nonsense Sensation Paul Harris
Nanamagari Heart's On Fire David Dima
Nagao Andrenaline Ace
Tsubaki Line Never Say Never Manuel
Project D I Just Wanna Stay With You Dream Fighters
Other Burn Inside Takenobu & Kunoichi
Ending Raise Up m.o.v.e


Ver.1.0 + A

Release: August 8, 2014

The Momiji line can be selected to play against time attack.

Ver.1.2 + B

Release: September 18, 2014

Added courses:

  • Hakone

An extension requiring a D coin, and the stage of the fastest legendary road are added. The performance of some car models has been adjusted.

Ver.1.2 + D

Release: July 17, 2015

"EX SPEC" with a rank higher than STEP 5 is added to tuning. Vehicle types that have been opened for a limited vehicle type release campaign have been opened.


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