Initial D: Arcade Stage Zero is a 2017 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the ninth and final game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series.

Zero featured many changes to the series formula, such as the introduction of a 6-speed shift (the series had previously used a sequential shifter). Character designs, with new stylized designs created for characters not originally featured, and background music were both taken from the Legends trilogy, replacing the series staple Eurobeat with J-rock (although several Eurobeat songs can be unlocked for use). Cutscenes and dialogue were also completely omitted. Rain conditions are also not featured.

Characters[edit | edit source]

In alphabetical order:

Cars[edit | edit source]

Honda[edit | edit source]

Mazda[edit | edit source]

Mitsubishi[edit | edit source]

Nissan[edit | edit source]

Subaru[edit | edit source]

Suzuki[edit | edit source]

Toyota[edit | edit source]

Complete Car[edit | edit source]

Courses[edit | edit source]

Soundtrack[edit | edit source]

Use Song Artist
Opening The Brave (D Version) Backdraft Smiths
Hakone We'll Start Our Race (D Version)
Lake Akina Avoid Clutcho
Usui Curious (D Mix) Backdraft Smiths
Myogi One By One The Hug Me
Akagi No Matter the valves
Akina Candle Flames Backdraft Smiths
Akina (snow) Forever Sad Hely
Irohazaka Strobe Clutcho
Tsukuba Crank It Up Backdraft Smiths
Momiji Line Inner Fighter Moonlight Green
Happogahara Liberation Clutcho
Sadamine Mad Desire Stephy Martini
Gunsai Touge Set Me Free Again Richard Cottle
Odawara Chase The Ghost Sachi@SEGA
Other The Top Ken Blast
Gamble Rumble m.o.v.e
Stop Your Self Control Marko Polo
Burn Inside Takenobu & Kunoichi
My Destiny NJK Record
Crazy Hot
PANDORA ZONE Sound Holic feat.

Nana Takahashi

Preserved Vampire
No Life Queen (DJ Command Remx) Sound Holic vs

Eurobeat Union feat.

Nana Takahashi

Updates[edit | edit source]

Ver.1.01.00[edit | edit source]

Release: April 27, 2017

  • Some bug fixes were made.

Ver.1.02.00[edit | edit source]

Release: May 15, 2017

  • Adjustment of running performance for vehicles less than FULL SPEC, adjustment of running performance of each car on Tsukuba / outbound route, and correction of other problems were performed.

Ver.1.02.00 Rev.1[edit | edit source]

Release: June 1, 2017 edition (time release first)

Added cars:

  • MR-S ZZW30
  • NSX NA1
  • RX-7 RS FD3S
  • Supra JZA80
  • Trueno 2door AE86

Ver.1.10.00 Rev.1 + A[edit | edit source]

Release: July 19, 2017

Added cars:

  • Celica GT-Four ST205
  • RX-8 SE3P
  • Impreza S207 VAB

Added courses:

  • Momiji Line

Added music:

  • Inner Fighter - Moonlight Green

"Team Boost" is added to the new function.

Ver.1.10.00 Rev.2 + A[edit | edit source]

Release: August 12, 2017

The adjustment was made again because the "adjustment of fame distribution value" originally scheduled to be implemented on August 10, 2017 was not correctly performed.

Ver.1.10.00 Rev.2 + B[edit | edit source]

Release: October 5, 2017 edition (time release second edition)

Added cars:

  • BRZ S ZC6
  • GT-R NISMO R35
  • Impreza Sedan GDB-F
  • Lan-Evo X CZ4A

Added courses:

  • Happogahara

Added music

  • Liberation - Clutcho

Ver.1.10.00 Rev.3 + B[edit | edit source]

Release: November 21, 2017

  • Match balance adjustment "Rev.3" and matching adjustment in the prestige band / level band were performed.

Ver.1.20.02 Rev.3 + C[edit | edit source]

Release: December 21, 2017 version

Added cars:

  • Impreza Sedan GDB-A
  • Lan-Evo IX CT9A

Added courses:

  • Akina (Snow)

Added music:

  • Burn Inside - Takenobu & Kunoichi
  • Forever Sad - Hely

new mode "2 on 2 mode" "Public road train-2 Chapter-", new function "My Select"

Ver.1.21.00 Rev.3 + C[edit | edit source]

Release: February 15, 2018

The running performance for vehicles below SPEC 5 on all courses, as well as the running performance of FULL SPEC vehicles in Akina and Downing, were adjusted.

Ver.1.21.00 Rev.4 + C[edit | edit source]

Release: February 22, 2018

  • Battle balance adjustment "Rev.4" was implemented.

Ver.1.21.00 Rev.4 + D[edit | edit source]

Release: March 15, 2018 edition (time release third)

Added cars:

  • Mazdaspeed Roadster C-Spec (NA6C)
  • Power House Amuse S2000 GT1 (AP1)

Added courses:

  • Sadamine

Ver.1.21.00 Rev.5 + D[edit | edit source]

Release: April 25, 2018

  • Battle balance adjustment "Rev.5" was implemented. The three RX-7 models are adjusted only for Akina (snow) and have not been changed in other courses.

Ver.1.21.00 Rev.5 + E[edit | edit source]

Release: TBD

Added cars:

  • MCR Skyline GT-R The Devil's (R34)

Ver.1.21.00 Rev.5 + F[edit | edit source]

Release: TBD

Added cars:

  • Fujita Engineering RX-7 Maou King (FD3S)

Ver.1.30.00 Rev.5 + G[edit | edit source]

Release: July 19, 2018

Added cars:

  • RE-Amamiya Genki7 FD3S
  • Twincam Monster Civic EK9

Added courses:

  • Gunma CSC

the new mode "public road series-third chapter-" "public road series-extra edition -"D fest", but "time recognition system" was added in time attack mode.

Ver.1.30.00 Rev.6 + H[edit | edit source]

Release: September 4th, 2018

Added cars:

  • MF Ghost GT86 ZN6

The matching balance in the prestige band was adjusted.

Ver.1.30.00 Rev.6 + I[edit | edit source]

Release: TBD

Added cars:

  • J's Racing S2000 Devil King's AP1

Ver.1.30.00 Rev.7 + J[edit | edit source]

Release: October 4, 2018 edition (time release fourth)

Added courses:

  • Tsuchisaka

the match balance adjustment "Rev. 7" was implemented.

Ver.1.31.00 Rev.7 + J[edit | edit source]

Release: October 25, 2018

  • Amusement IC card corresponding to the conventional Aime, Bana passport in addition to the e-AMUSEMENT PASS allowed the registration and use of game data even. The special promotion decision has been adjusted, and other bugs have been fixed.

Ver.1.31.00 Rev.7 + K[edit | edit source]

Release: December 13, 2018 edition (time release fifth)

Added cars:

  • Prius ZVW30
  • Top Secret Supra JZA80

Added courses:

  • Nagao

Ver.2.00.00[edit | edit source]

Release: April 18, 2019

Added cars:

  • NSX-R GT NA2

Launched on April 18, 2019 as an upgraded version of "Zero". It was announced at "The New and Fastest Legend in History 2019" held on March 24, 2019.

Ver.2.01.00[edit | edit source]

Adjusted the driving performance when selecting "mild" and "stability" in the settings. The following adjustments have been made to enable more stable driving.

Ver.2.10.00 (Rev. 1)[edit | edit source]

MF GHOST GT-R NISMO (R35 kai) Shun Aiba specification (R35 kai) -Series first recorded in an update on July 10, 2019 as a collaboration with MF Ghost. Unlike the R35 NISMO recorded in Arcade Stage 8 Infinity, this one is based on 2017 specifications.

Add new course Odawara (Intermediate) - The course that is the stage of the original MF Ghost Odawara Pikes Peak is the original circling course arranged exclusively for this work, and there is also a death area where deep fog occurs like the original. The prescribed number of laps is 2 laps as well as the existing Lake Akina Lake and ice. The time limit at the start starts from 180 seconds in Canst state, probably because one lap is as long as 4.4 Km.

Added new MF Ghost story chapter.

Ver.2.11.00 (Rev. 1)[edit | edit source]


Ver.2.11.00 (Rev. 2)[edit | edit source]

Added new Story Chapter with the Northern Saitama Alliance and Purple Shadow

Ver.2.20.00[edit | edit source]

Added new story chapter with Team Spiral and R.T. Katagiri, alongside a special limited time story chapter featuring the Two Guys From Tokyo. New stickers are added and can be applied to most cars, based on the Touhou Project. More to come soon. Two new music tracks from said series are added. Part 1 of the limited time Touhou event lasted from the day this update dropped to March 25, 2020. Part 2 followed after part 1 ended.

Ver.2.22.00 Rev.4 + B[edit | edit source]

Added Courses:

Ver.2.30.00 Rev. 5[edit | edit source]

Final Story chapter added, featuring Sidewinder and a compilation of battles from the previous chapters and the true showdown against Bunta Fujiwara

Ver.2.30.00 Rev. 6[edit | edit source]

Release: November 5th 2020

Increased performance for the following:

  • MR2 G-Limited (SW20)
  • MR-S (ZZW30)
  • SILVIA K’s (S13)
  • Silvia Q’s (S14)
  • 180SX TYPE II (RPS13) 
  • RX-7 ∞III (FC3S)
  • IMPREZA WRX type R STi Version V (GC8)
  • LANCER GSR Evolution III(CE9A)

Decreased performance for the FAIRLADY Z (Z33).

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