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Initial D Extra Stage is a two part OVA and the third installment of the Initial D series. It focuses on Mako Sato and Sayuki of Impact Blue instead of Takumi Fujiwara and the rest of the series' main cast. However, Keisuke, Ryosuke, and Itsuki appear in cameos. It adapts two extra chapters, Beyond The Impact Blue, and Sentimental White.


An Initial D side story OVA which follows the lives of Mako and Sayuki, the "Impact Blue" SilEighty team from Usui and their troubles with racers and romance. After being introduced in Initial D's first season, the ''angels of Usui pass'' were somewhat abandoned in the second season and the Third Stage movie. Extra Stage explains where Mako Sato and her co-driver Sayuki have been all along. During the events of Initial D: Second Stage, the Impact Blue team had to battle a scouting party of the Emperors Team, despite all warnings by fellow racers Shingo and Takeshi of the Myogi NightKids. Later, as winter sets in, and the events of Initial D: Third Stage are taking place in Akina, the Impact Blue girls take a vacation, and Mako gives love another try but is constantly drawn towards her life as a drift-racer as well as haunted by the memories of her recent love, Iketani.



  1. Takeshi Nakazato vs Seiji Iwaki (Flashback)
  2. Impact Blue vs Satake
  3. Takumi Fujiwara vs Impact Blue (Flashback)


  1. Beyond Impact Blue
  2. Sentimental White


  • The OVA was somehow known for having the infamous scene of Mako Sato taking a shower, as well as the hot spring scene between Mako and Sayuki in the 2nd episode. Both of these were censored in some releases.


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