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Initial D, retroactively known as Initial D First Stage, is a 1998 anime television series. It is the first installment in the anime adaptation of the Initial D manga. It covers the chapters 1-77 (volumes 1 to 7).


These are the prominent characters in this season of the series.



  1. The Ultimate Tofu Store Drift (究極のとうふ屋ドリフト, Kyūkyoku no tōfuya dorifuto)
  2. Revenge! The Rumbling Turbo (リベンジ宣言!ほえるターボ, Ribenji sengen! Hoeru tābo)
  3. Downhill Specialist Arrives (ダウンヒルスペシャリスト登場, Daunhirusupesharisuto tōjō, known as The Downhill Specialist Appears in the Tokyopop version)
  4. The Battle Begins (交流戦突入!, Kōryū-sen totsunyū!, known as Into the Battle! in the Tokyopop version)
  5. Dogfight! (決着!ドッグファイト!, Ketchaku! Doggufaito!)
  6. A New Challenger (新たなる挑戦者, Aratanaru chōsen-sha)
  7. Pride of a Racer (走りやのプライド, Hashiri ya no puraido, known as A Racer's Pride in the Tokyopop version)
  8. Time's Almost Up! (タイムアップ寸前!, Taimuappu sunzen!)
  9. Battle to the Limit (限界バトル!, Genkai batoru!)
  10. The Five Consecutive Hairpins (爆裂!5連ヘアピン, Bakuretsu! 5-Ren heapin, known as 5 Point Hairpin! in the Tokyopop version)
  11. Shingo Arrives (デンジャラス慎吾登場!, Denjarasu Shingo tōjō!)
  12. The FR Killer (FR殺しのデスマッチ!, FR-goroshi no desumatchi!
  13. First Date (イツキの初デート, Itsuki no hatsu dēto, known as Iggy's First Date! in the Tokyopop version)
  14. Evolving Drift (進化するドリフト天才!, Shinka suru dorifuto tensai!)
  15. Takumi's Fury (拓海·怒涛の激走!, Takumi· dotō no gekisō!, known as Takumi's Fury! in the Tokyopop version)
  16. The Angel of Usui (碓氷峠のエンジェル, Usuitōge no Enjeru)
  17. Sudden-Death Death Match (サドンデス·デスマッチ, Sadondesu· desumatchi)
  18. Hot Winds and Furious Driving (熱風!激走!碓氷峠, Neppū! Gekisō! Usuitōge)
  19. Super Drift! (決着!スーパードリフト, Ketchaku! Sūpādorifuto)
  20. The End of Summer (ジ·エンド·オブ·サマー, Ji· endo· Obu· samā)
  21. Challenge From the Superstar (スパースターからの挑戦状, Supāsutā kara no chōsen-jō, known as Challenge From a Superstar in the Tokyopop version)
  22. Fierce Uphill Battle! (激闘!ヒルクライム, Gekitō! Hirukuraimu)
  23. The Rainy Downhill (雨のダウンヒルバトル!, Ame no daunhirubatoru!)
  24. Akagi's White Comet (赤城の白い彗星!, Akagi no shiroi suisei!)
  25. Last Great Battle (決戦!ラストバトル, Kessen! Rasutobatoru, known as The Decisive Final Battle! in the Tokyopop version)
  26. The New Downhill Legend (新ダウンヒル伝説!, Shin daunhiru densetsu!, known as The New Downhill Legend! in the Tokyopop version)

Difference between the anime and manga[]


  • This series' 2.0 and 5.1 audio versions feature different soundfiles, with the 2.0 featuring a lot of unreleased tracks, whereas the 5.1 is constucted nearly entirely out of released soundfiles.


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