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Initial D Third Stage is a 2001 anime movie. It is the fourth instalment in the anime adaptation of the Initial D manga. It covers from chapter 146 to 156 and from 159 to 185 (volumes 14 to 17). It is the final part of the Akina's Eight-Six arc.


  1. Takumi Fujiwara vs Keisuke Takahashi (Flashback)
  2. Takumi Fujiwara vs Takeshi Nakazato (Flashback)
  3. Takumi Fujiwara vs Shingo Shoji (Flashback)
  4. Takumi Fujiwara vs Impact Blue (Flashback)
  5. Takumi Fujiwara vs Ryosuke Takahashi (Flashback)
  6. Takumi Fujiwara vs Kyoichi Sudo (Flashback)
  7. Takumi Fujiwara vs Kyoichi Sudo (Rematch)
  8. Takumi Fujiwara vs Kai Kogashiwa
  9. Takumi Fujiwara vs Miki (Rescuing Natsuki)
  10. Takumi Fujiwara vs Ryosuke Takahashi (Rematch) (anime exclusive)


Natsuki hears Takumi and Itsuki at school

With the final year of High School quickly approaching, Takumi and Itsuki talk about the changes that the AE86 has gone through, while Natsuki watches Takumi from a corner wall, overhearing their conversation. Later at work, Iketani, Kenji and others reminisce on Takumi's successes in his past races. Ryosuke Takahashi pulls up for refueling and invites Takumi to see him after work, much to their surprise.

Ryosuke talks to Takumi about joining his new team

Later that night, Ryosuke invites Takumi to join his new racing team he's building up with Keisuke. After witnessing his races and being defeated by him, his racing techniques would be of good asset to his team and will teach him more on what there is to know about racing. But he also needs to teach him things that he would need to learn on his own as he is relying too much on winning and his technique because one day he will run into a brick wall. The team will run for one year before he retires from the street racing scene. The next morning at school he told Itsuki about his invitation which excites him but Takumi remained undecided. Itsuki pressures Takumi to join after all the victories he clenched. Iketani and Kenji were later informed by Itsuki during their work shifts. Although excited with the news, Kenji thinks the RedSuns are stealing Takumi away from them but Iketani corrects him thinking it's a good thing due to good learning experience from pros like them.

Takumi meets Kyoichi at Irohazaka

Meanwhile at Lake Akina, bad memories of his unofficial defeat by Team Emperor leader Kyoichi Sudo in Akagi from the engine failure triggered him. Takumi asks Ryosuke where he can find him for a rematch. Ryosuke informs Takumi his home course is located in Irohazaka in Nikko but also warns him it won't be easy for him. However due to Takumi's instincts, Ryosuke has faith in him winning. Takumi later drives to Nikko to challenge Sudo. Various members of Team Emperor were shocked to see him come by and shocked about hearing the monstrous power of the Eight-Six's new engine. Seiji Iwaki gets notified that Takumi is on his way to the main base. Takumi pulls up and Kyoichi realised the engine was fixed. He then recalls to Takumi what he told him back in Akagi that on the rematch he needs to gets a better car. Takumi responds that the Eight-Six isn't the same as how he last time raced it and asked if he will finally accept his challenge. Kyoichi agrees to it.

Ryosuke explains about Takumi's plan against Kyoichi in their battle

Back at the Takahashi residence Keisuke was informed by Ryosuke on Takumi is having a rematch with Sudo. Keisuke asked if he was out for revenge. Ryosuke explained he was out to prove something and Keisuke asked if Takumi will have a chance against him with the new engine. Ryosuke explains about the engine is detuned for street use and its from a Group A touring car engine that is Naturally Aspirated which would even the odds with Kyoichi's misfiring system. At the starting line Kyoichi gives Takumi a handicap that he will lead while he follows him (Simulation 3). If Takumi were to maintain his lead after passing 3 bridges then he wins but if he gets overtaken then he loses in which he finds unfair. Kyoichi dismisses Takumi's disagreement believing he is insulting him thinking he is holding back on him and he can argue about it after the race. Seiji believes Kyoichi easily has the advantage knowing his home course from memory and experience in autocross.

Takumi wins against Kyoichi

Takumi then starts to lead. Kyoichi realised the power differences compared to how he raced him last time. But dismisses that regardless and has more horsepower. Takumi is shocked he is tailgating him but he focused more on efforts in order to win. The first of the 3 bridges has been crossed and Takumi still retains his lead. Kyoichi starts to make his move at the third bridge believing the optical illusion around the bend of the third bridge will cause Takumi to slow down. However Takumi sees through it and pedals his car at full speed with Kyoichi in fear of Takumi trying to kill himself for over-speeding. But Takumi confidently turns the Eight-Six effortlessly and Kyoichi slows down failing his attempted counterattack. After the race Kyoichi believed if it was the old Eight-Six's engine it would not have made that turn. He later discusses with Takumi how he was confident to turn at high speed through that last bridge. Takumi tells him that it is in his ability to see through and going for it. He calls it a weird car that no one would master overnight but regardless he gives praise to the newly reborn Eight-Six. Takumi is amazed, Sudo admits defeat and drives off. Takumi is glad he won but didn't feel victorious and calls it a tie.

Takumi meets Keisuke at Akina

The following morning Bunta asked Takumi why he came home late and told him he was out in Nikko and after the race he will eventually get challenged. Bunta was okay with it as long as he arrives in on time for his usual delivery runs. On his way on his delivery drive Keisuke unexpectedly appears. Takumi exits his car and sees Keisuke. Keisuke was quickly informed of his victory against Kyoichi. He explains his goals he will accomplish on his brother's new race team after he realises his brother's dreams after disbandment and he will defeat Takumi once its over. But the rematch between the two is postponed to get the team together and hopes Takumi will find his answer to the invitation.

Bunta passes the SW20

Later that day Bunta takes the Eight-Six for a spin in Akina and a driver in an SW20 noticed it was Akina's Eight-Six and was stunned by the driver's skills. The next day after school, Takumi was in town on his way home seeing Natsuki working in her part time job at Fast Hamburger. While waiting for the traffic lights to change he reminisces his memories with her before the lights change. Takumi crosses and Natsuki unexpectedly saw him.

Takumi meets Kai at the gas station

Back at the gas station the SW20 driver is revealed to be Kai Kogashiwa the son of Bunta's once fierce rival Ken Kogashiwa who pulls up for refueling. Takumi arrives to begin his shift, fills up Kai's father's car and was challenged since he defeated his original target Kyoichi Sudo after recently defeating Seiji Iwaki. Takumi accepts and was asked by Kai if it was he whom he drove passed him the other day in which Takumi denied. The next day after school finished, Natsuki begged for Takumi to stop avoiding her and tries to ask him out. Takumi declines coldly. Later back at the tofu shop, Takumi asks Bunta for some advice on how to win after revealing his rival to be a son of his once fierce rival. Bunta tells him the opponent should not be taken lightly but the dried Autumn leaves would be the answer. Takumi, Iketani and Kenji then make their way to Irohazaka. The Rotary Brothers (Ryosuke and Keisuke) too unexpectedly turned up to spectate the battle between the two Toyota's. The countdown begins and both cars launch off with incredible speed.

Takumi and Kai starts their battle

Takumi lead the race at first. However according to Kyoichi the lines are what will determine the winner. Kai Kogashiwa whom is an ex-cart driver will use his left foot for braking while he uses his right foot on the accelerator to push the load forward while his left foot is on the brake to prevent understeer. That advantage Kai specialises allows him to corner at full speed. All that worries Iketani and Kenji but hopeful for Takumi to win or finish the race without injury. Kai finds the race difficult with the dry leaves and tries his best to avoid them to prevent skidding out. Takumi adapts his strategy to enter the rear tires earlier to prevent skidding out. However Kai saw he is aiming for the leaves since sloppy roads are easier to drift on.

Kai jumps at the 33rd corner

As the battle continues Takumi has a feeling Kai is up to something. Kai then makes his move on the 33rd corner and cuts the corner inside sending his car airborne overtaking Takumi. Kyoichi assures victory is certain for him but Ryosuke points out like in the past races if you pass your opponent early, the opponent will have time to recover and studying your opponents moves to come up with a strategy. Kai pulls further on the jumps until Takumi effortlessly visualised Kai on his 4th jump and copied his tactic to get closer shocking Kai of his adaptability. At a bar, Yuichi and Bunta go out for a drink and he thought he put Takumi at a disadvantage. Bunta explains clearly that the only way for him to win was to make his move near the first bridge. Ken believes Takumi will be the one to lose this time.

Takumi and Kai jumps; latter spins out

Takumi is amazed at Kai's skills and faster at entering the corners. He saw himself at a disadvantage until he recalls what his dad told him about the dry leaves piling up on the first bridge that gives enough space for the two cars but a tight squeeze at the same time. Takumi realised what he meant and uses the gutter technique near the first bridge enabling him to slingshot alongside Kai. Both cars go side by side. And then on the second bridge, both cars go airborne and Kai slips out undamaged as he lands on the pile of dry leaves before the finish line with Takumi winning the battle. Kyoichi then realised what Takumi is capable of and sees why Ryosuke sees promise in him and believes he can be greater than his once rival. Takumi and Kai vowed to race each other again someday.

Natsuki confesses to Takumi

Winter gets closer and their work shifts conclude. Meanwhile Takumi picks up Natsuki from her part-time job. As both cruise on the mountain, Natsuki notices how much his car changed. She asks if he had any Christmas plans in which Takumi finds irrelevant to him since he doesn't have a mom. Then he asked what she's been wanting to tell him. She informed Takumi of breaking up with the Mercedes driver in which he thought it wasn't any of his business and it's her decision to continue to date whoever she chooses. Natsuki called him a liar knowing how much they've been romantically involved ever since they shared the kiss at the beach and how he felt she betrayed him for her actions after discovering the secretive dating. At the lake, it starts to get windy and tries to make the relationship work again. Takumi again coldly rejects her as he can't regain her trust easily. His rejection ever motivates her to try and make it up to him. Takumi curiously asks why she picked him out of all people due to how popular she is with the other guys and can easily find another man. She hesitantly tells him she has no reason. Takumi glares sensing she's lying. Natsuki then snaps admitting she did it because he's the one she truly loves.

Natsuki and Bunta surprises Takumi

Christmas day begins and the rest of the Akina SpeedStars go to a karaoke bar. Natsuki tries to find the Tofu Shop knowing she can find Takumi there only to find Bunta instead whom informs her he isn't home. As she takes leave, Bunta informs her that Takumi will be home soon and invites her inside for some tea. Takumi does Christmas shopping of his own expressing boredom of the occasion. At the Fujiwara residence, she tells Bunta how she wishes to not have Takumi begrudge her before they graduate but Bunta assures her that Takumi still has a kind heart and understanding despite having a slight temper. As Takumi enters the house, Bunta and Natsuki surprise Takumi wishing him a Merry Christmas, catching him off-guard. As they celebrate they ask each other of their plans after graduation. Takumi later returns back home after dropping off Natsuki, where he finds a craftwork of his car made by her in the Christmas tree.

Miki tries to seduce Natsuki

The New Year begins and they begin their work shift. Things get complicated when Natsuki's old flame Miki drops by during her work shift and offers her a ride home once she finishes. He attempts to try and show love to her like they used to but rejects him already found someone better (Takumi). As she attempts to leave the car, he furiously drives preventing her from leaving. Miki demands why she's changed. Natsuki furiously tells him she has no intention with getting back to him due to his past mistreatment and Miki angrily slaps her. He won't accept her rejection and attempts to seduce her but Natsuki was able to run from him for a short time to call Takumi for her rescue.

Takumi picks up the phone just in time

While Itsuki and Takumi walk finishing their work shifts, Takumi reaches home and picks up the the call from Natsuki being in trouble just in time. Before she can reveal her exact whereabouts, Miki tackles her. Miki overhears her phone call mentioning Takumi which triggers memories from the punch he received in the locker room and slaps her again. She warns him that Takumi will humiliate him the exact same way. He then violently drags her into his Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205.

Takumi chases Miki

Takumi heard that she was in some lake and now realises that she's in Lake Akina and hurries to her rescue. Miki drives off hoping to find a spot where nobody can find them. As he drives, Takumi comes by seeing Natsuki and turns back to pursue him. Miki overestimates himself thinking he can pull away from him and doubts Takumi can catch up to him due to having a 4WD which are designed to run on snowy weather. Much to his surprise Takumi is tailgating him and underestimates his driving skill. On a sharp corner, his steering wheel gets stuck and they nearly have a head-on collision. Miki's bumper hits the guardrail but Takumi was able to dodge him. Natsuki then hurries back to Takumi's car and explains everything as they drive by. Natsuki doesn't wish to go home after what resulted and tearfully admits everything she did with the Mercedes driver was for money. Takumi then admits his feelings for her in return.

Takumi battles with Ryosuke at Akagi

Several weeks later, Takumi requests a race against Ryosuke in hopes to find an answer to his invitation. Ryosuke accepts and allowed Takumi any stipulations for the race. He allows Ryosuke to lead while he follows and for the race to be in Akagi this time. A week later before the race, Takumi asks Bunta for some advice. The following week, Takumi and Ryosuke take off showcasing their driving skills that shocked every race team that spectated. Both drivers acknowledged each other's improvements. Kenta asks Keisuke who would win but Keisuke says the battle isn't about winning or losing but showcasing each other's skill rather than competitive. As both cars go side by side, Takumi decides to join Ryosuke's new team.

Natsuki hugs Takumi

Graduation day comes for Takumi, Itsuki and Natsuki. At the lake Takumi and Natsuki spend time and decides to go to college in Tokyo and asks Takumi if he wants to come with her. Takumi declines as he wishes to join Ryosuke's racing team to become faster than anyone else out there. Natsuki tearfully wishes him luck and embrace each other for the last time.

Takumi gets instructions from Ryosuke as a part of his work in the new team

During the pre-credits, Takumi is shown working in a package delivery job, while the Itsuki now works full time at the gas station. Natsuki is seen at a college in Tokyo. Meanwhile the Speedstars greet a lady at the gas station (presumed to be Mika Katsuragi from CD Drama) while accidentally suffocating Itsuki in the process. Natsuki is also seen working as part time job in a book store and is seen later cleaning the streets as a volunteer worker. Takumi now begins his training for the new team with Keisuke as he awaits for the challenges he will face on the next stage.


In order of appearance:

  1. Natsuki Mogi
  2. Itsuki Takeuchi
  3. Takumi Fujiwara
  4. Koichiro Iketani
  5. Yuichi Tachibana
  6. Kenji
  7. Keisuke Takahashi
  8. Takeshi Nakazato
  9. Shingo Shoji
  10. Mako Sato
  11. Sayuki
  12. Ryosuke Takahashi
  13. Kyoichi Sudo
  14. Seiji Iwaki
  15. Bunta Fujiwara
  16. Kai Kogashiwa
  17. Natsuki Mogi
  18. Papa (Flashback)
  19. Ken Kogashiwa
  20. Miki
  21. Kenta Nakamura
  22. Fumihiro


In order of appearance:

  1. Nissan Silvia K's (S13)
  2. Mazda Ẽfini RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
  3. Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (BNR32) (Flashback)
  4. Honda Civic SiR-II (EG6) (Flashback)
  5. Nissan SilEighty (Flashback)
  6. Mazda SAVANNA RX-7 ∞ III (FC3S)
  7. Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86)
  8. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III GSR (CE9A)
  9. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV RS (CN9A)
  10. Toyota MR2 G-Limited (SW20)
  11. Mercedes-Benz W210 (Flashback)
  12. Nissan 180SX Type II (RPS13)
  13. Toyota Celica GT-Four (ST205)


  1. Gamble Rumble - M.o.v.e
  2. Fly To Me To The Moon & Back - The Spiders From Mars
  3. Speed Lover - Speedman
  4. Crazy Night - Boys Band (credited only)
  5. Kiss Me Goodbye - Michael Beat
  6. Crazy For Love - Dusty
  7. If You Wanna Stay - Norma Sheffield
  8. Strike on - m.o.v.e
  9. Max Power - Dr. Love ft. D.Essex
  10. Streets Of Fire - Dave McLoud
  11. Jirenma - Every Little Thing
  12. The Race Is Over - Dave Rodgers
  13. Take Me Baby - Mickey B (Trailer)

Differences between the anime and manga[]

  • The rematch between Ryosuke and Takumi doesn't happen in the manga, with the last race of the Akina's Eight-Six arc being the battle between Takumi and Miki
  • Takumi doesnt bring his AE86 when meeting Ryosuke, however he does in the manga
  • In manga Takumi calls Ryosuke asking for Kyoichi's home course a few minutes after Ryosuke left him, In Anime Takumi calls Ryosuke the next day
  • Natsuki works at a fast food restaurant called Fast Hamburger. In the manga, she works at the gas station
  • Bunta's appearance in Takumi's school for the graduation ceremony only happens in the movie.
  • In the manga, Natsuki considers staying in Gunma to be with Takumi after graduation. While in the movie, Natsuki asks Takumi to come to Tokyo with her after graduation.
  • Natsuki's last appearance in the manga was at the train station where Takumi drops her and sees her for the last time. This was cut in the movie.


Ryosuke: Pardon me, I'd like to have a word with you after work if it's convenient.

Takumi: No problem at all. I have nothing else planned when my shift is finished.

Ryosuke: All good. Call me once you're finished. Call me by this cellphone number.

Takumi: What?! Seriously? Me being part of an expeditionary race team?

Ryosuke: Exactly. Our goal is to tour around the locals in different regions. Then leave an era of legend before disbandment. I have erased their times and it is up to you to try and break their records.

Ryosuke: To come to the point, I have one year left to race. I'd like to see my dream come true before it ends. So I can use your technique. As it is you who broke my consecutive winning record. I noticed you've been relying too much on your instincts. You will need to apply more than that because one day you will crash into a brick wall. I can teach you new things such as sound theory. Having both will make you an unstoppable giant. I know this because you have the exact same energy like my brother.

Takumi: You mean Keisuke?

Ryosuke: You don't need to think about it now but I need your answer by next Spring. So please sleep on it.

Ryosuke: I hope you accept.

Itsuki: WHAT?!?!?! You mean to tell me you were invited personally by Ryosuke Takahashi to join his race team?!?!

Takumi: Yes it apparently starts next Spring and it will last for about a year.

Itsuki: That is so cool!!I'd kill to be a member despite being a sucker. But the envy is so much that my rival is ahead of me while I'm still standing still with nothing gained. This totally sucks for me!!!

Takumi: Can you stop stirring things up? I haven't decided yet as I'm still unsure if I deserve it.

Itsuki: You obviously deserved it. Join up man!!!

Takumi: It hasn't even been 6 months. I only recently got into cars. And I still have things to think of before I decide.

Iketani: No way that's dope! Takumi getting invited by Ryosuke Takahashi to join his new race team is the best news I've heard.

Itsuki: Yeah it's an expeditionary team.

Yuichi: An expeditionary team? Thats something Takumi and I discussed for a long time.

Iketani: Ryosuke Takahashi. That guy was Gunma's finest and king of the mountains. But of course Takumi was the only one who was able to beat him

Kenji: It's cool Ryosuke invited him and all but don't you think the RedSuns are trying to take him from us?

Iketani: No not at all. It's a good thing being asked to join by professionals. If it means it would make Takumi a better driver then it's best if we support Takumi in any sort of way.

Kyoichi: It seems you got your Eight-Six fixed.

Takumi: Exactly.

Kyoichi: Look kid I don't need to tell you again. Don't you recall what I said to you in Akagi to get a better car to race me again?

Takumi: That may look like an old car. But it's not the same as how you raced it last time. To me, it's a lot better than ever before. So you agree to race now?

Kyoichi: Sounds good. I've been wanting to settle this sooner or later. The real match will proceed as of this moment.

Kyoichi: The main objective is passing 3 bridges. Make it there first then you will win. I'll follow you while you drive. If you manage to maintain the lead then you win. But if I pass you then you lose. Understood?

Takumi: Doesn't sound fair.

Kyoichi: You sound like your insulting me thinking I'm holding back on you staying behind. Don't forget, this is my home turf your at. You want this to be fair don't you? If the race ends then we can argue about it. Now start the race.

Takumi: The third bridge!

Kyoichi: Once I poke my front bumper, then it's finished! The narrowness around the bend would a create an optical illusion. Once he slows down, he'll definitely be finished!

Takumi: Should I do it? Let's go! (Fully accelerates around the bend)

Kyoichi: Are you crazy?!?! That's too fast! You won't be able to make it!

Takumi: I know I can do it! Alright my Eight-Six make this turn for me!

Kyoichi: Can he survive this?! (Kyoichi eases the accelerator)

Kyoichi: You have a weird car man. Not a car anyone could get use to. But I underestimated it. It's a good car.

Takumi: You really mean it?

Kyoichi: Well you did beat me after all. See you around sometime.

Takumi: I'm glad to have won. But I can't accept this victory. I honestly felt like it more of a tie.

Keisuke: I heard you finally beat that Lan-Evo III at Irohazaka last night.

Takumi: Really? That spread so fast suddenly.

Keisuke: When something like this great happens, it tends to spread fast. The Winter is coming soon. My goal is to be the best driver there is. I'm going to accomplish that within a year. Once it ends, I will beat you before turning pro. But till then, our rematch between us will be pushed back. So let's do this together. You will join us will you kid?

Takumi: Wow. I'm sure surrounded by good people.

Kai: I heard you about your recent race against Kyoichi Sudo. Sudo was originally my next opponent. His loud banging Evo III is said to be the fastest in Irohazaka. I was confident in defeating him until you stole my thunder. So I challenge you instead.

Natsuki: Takumi could you please quit treating me as if I'm invisible?!

Takumi: Why bother?

Natsuki: We're friends aren't we?

Takumi: It would seem so.

Natsuki: Then if you are my friend I need to ask you this, it's not like we've not been dating it's just (Takumi walks away)

Natsuki: Wait Takumi! I just need to talk!

Takumi: Sorry but I have a busy day right now.

Kyoichi: Takumi Fujiwara. One day he will be big and will no longer be needed in Gunma. No wonder why Ryosuke sees so much in him. He would definitely be the one to surpass Ryosuke. (After Takumi's victory against Kai Kogashiwa).

Takumi: Tell me this, you're a very popular girl Natsuki. It's easy for you to find another guy to be with. I can't understand at all. Why pick me out of all people???

Natsuki: I can't say....It's cuz you're the one I love here!!!


  • Like in Second Stage, Takumi once again couldn't accept victory over Team Emperor after defeating Sudo. It was his battle with the Evo IV where he couldn't accept victory at first.
  • During the flashback to Takumi and Natsuki's beach trip, Natsuki's swimsuit is shown to be blue, whereas in First Stage her swimsuit is yellow.
  • It is implied that Kyoichi ended his rivalry against Ryosuke after their battle in Second Stage, as he allows him to come and watch Takumi's battle with Kai. They both have a friendly discussion on possible outcomes of the battle.
  • Flashbacks to several of Takumi's earlier battles are shown, however the Myogi battle with Kenta Nakamura, the Akina battle with Seiji Iwaki and the Shomaru battle with Wataru Akiyama aren't shown.
  • Two spelling mistakes can be seen in the flashbacks to Takumi's battles. The FD3S is misspelled as "FD36", and Ryosuke Takahashi is misspelled as "Ryosuke Takahasi".
  • Ryosuke is wearing a sweater during the flashback to his battle with Takumi, however he does not wear one in First Stage.
  • In the English dub, Seiji Iwaki's name is given using Japanese name order (Iwaki Seiji).
  • Initial D VHS tapes seen in the pre-credit scene

    In the pre credits scene where Natsuki works part time at a shop, a customer buys 3 Second Stage VHS tapes. This is one of those only moment in the show where the fourth wall is broken.
  • The song "Crazy Night" by Boys Band is listed in the credits, but isn't actually featured in the anime itself, it is however featured in the soundtrack album.
    • Crazy Night was originally supposed to play at the beginning of the battle between Takumi and Kai, however was replaced by Kiss Me Goodbye. As the song had already been contributed, it was still featured in the credits and soundtrack, as well as being used in the DVD release's menu theme.
  • Tokyopop aired a subtitled version of the film at the 2003 Big Apple Anime Fest. This version lacked any of the changes they made to the series. It was never shown outside of this event
  • Third Stage is one of two anime series, which shows the bottom of the cars (in CG), while the other series were invisible or unshown. the other series is Final Stage.
  • Some small portions of Third Stage was also used in Fourth Stage opening Dogfight (Some quick scenes from Takumi vs Kyoichi rematch and Takumi vs Kai Kogashiwa battle).
  • This film has the second time Takumi narrowly dodged a collision in a battle, Takumi narrowly avoided hitting Kai when he spins out after jumping together, and also with Miki when he crashes into guardrail and spins out after the steering wheel of his car gets jammed.
    • First happened in First Stage when he dodged Impact Blue when they entered a corner too fast, coming close to colliding with the SilEighty.

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