Iroha map

Iroha map

Iroha Slope (いろは坂) or Irohazaka is the home course of Team Emperor, it is located in Nikko, Tochigi, east of Lake Chuzenji.

The first half course (the downhill) has a rhythm of straight-hairpin-straight-hairpin-straight, while the second half (the uphill, not used in the series) has more circular turns, ignoring the straights.

This course is also where Ken Kogashiwa taught his son Kai how to jump at the shortcuts in the 33rd corner (the 13th downhill hairpin), and later the 36th through 39th (16th through 19th downhill corners).

Real Life Road


Arcade Stage SongEdit

  • Rock Me To The Top - Dusty (Arcade Stage Ver.2 and Special Stage)
  • Station To Station - Derreck Simons (Arcade Stage Ver.2 (Project D) and Special Stage (Project D))
  • Crazy For Love - Dusty (Arcade Stage Ver.3, Street Stage, and Arcade Stage 7 AA X)
  • Raising Hell - Fastway (Arcade Stage 4 (Day), Extreme Stage (Day))
  • Space Love - Fastway (Arcade Stage 4 (Night), Extreme Stage (Night))
  • Black U.F.O - Lupin (Arcade Stage 5)
  • Hurricane Man - Gold-Rake (Arcade Stage 6 AA)
  • Your Love Is Like A Medicine - Mega NRG Man (Arcade Stage 8 Infinity)
  • Strobe - Clutcho (Arcade Stage Zero)