Itsuki Takeuchi (武内 樹 Takeuchi Itsuki, "Iggy") is Takumi's best friend; he provides the comic relief in the series, and is generally quite loud and obnoxious. Itsuki works part-time at a gas station with Takumi and Iketani; Itsuki plans to use the money he earns to buy an AE86 Corolla Levin (to complement Takumi's AE86 Trueno) but mistakenly buys an inferior (less power, poor brakes, less chassis bracing, and looser suspension) AE85. This upsets him until Takumi takes him for a drive (ultimately racing it downhill), demonstrating that the driver's skill can make a difference. With a car, he is a self-proclaimed member of the Akina Speed Stars. He eventually purchases a turbocharger for his Eight-Five. Self-proclaimed "Lonely Driver".

Likes: Taiwanese bananas, all cars popular among street racers and horsepower, his AE85, AE86

Dislikes: FF, and Automatic diesel cars.

Special skills: Hill road take off.

Bloodtype: O


Toyota Corolla Levin SR (AE85)

Year 1984
Plate 11-009, classification 54
Color White
Custom Parts Toyota Door Visor, Work Ewings Rims, AE86 OEM Aero Grille, TRD Sports Muffler, Momo Steering Wheel, and SpeedStars Sticker
Engine AE85 1.5 L 8v 3A-U + Bolt-on turbo, tuned to 150 hp
Actor Chapman To