The impromptu battle between Itsuki Takeuchi and Shingo Shoji is an anime exclusive battle in Initial D: First Stage.

Prior to the Battle Edit

While taking Saori home, Itsuki Takeuchi is targeted by Shingo Shoji, who thinks his car is Akina's Eight-Six.

During the Battle Edit

During their run, Itsuki kept grazing his car on the guardrails due to inexperience in mountain racing. After a few corners, Shingo taps Itsuki resulting to both being injured while crashing.

After the Battle Edit

While Itsuki is being hospitalised, Saori leaves Itsuki due to bad memories. This infuriated Takumi and vowed revenge despite Iketani and Kenji heeding him with warnings of Shingo's method of a gumtape deathmatch.

Songs Edit

First Stage Edit

  1. Dancing - Vicky Vale 
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