Keisuke Takahashi (高橋 啓介, Takahashi Keisuke, known as K.T. in the Tokyopop version) is the secondary protagonist of Initial D and was a member of both the Akagi RedSuns and Project D. He is the driver of a Mazda ɛ̃fini RX-7 Type R FD3S. Originally a bōsōzoku gang member, he was recruited for the RedSuns by his brother Ryosuke to partake in his plan to take over the underground street racing scene around Japan. Alongside Ryosuke, they are known as the Rotary Brothers.

Unlike his older brother's calm demeanor, Keisuke was a hot-headed individual, he was known for driving with his emotions and his dislike for losing made him very arrogant. His pride was shattered when he encountered the mysterious AE86 during a practice trial on Mount Akina. Unwilling to accept this loss, he continually traveled to Akina to encounter the Eight Six again. He finally got his chance during the RedSuns race against the Akina SpeedStars when the AE86 driver and future rival Takumi Fujiwara arrived where he was defeated once again, since this defeat he has desired to have a rematch with Takumi until the time was right and both have become rivals since.

When Ryosuke later disbands the RedSuns in favor of Project D, Keisuke joins as well becoming a main driver of the team alongside Takumi. Under Ryosuke’s mentorship, he gained more experience as a racer with his skills dramatically improving and no longer driving with his emotions and controlling them. After Project D’s final race with Kanagawa’s Sidewinder, he pursues his goal as a professional driver, taking his Project D mechanic Tomiguchi with him.

In the new manga MF Ghost, Keisuke has retired from racing and is now the CEO of TK Mach Corporation.

As Takumi trained Kanata, Keisuke also trained one of his students to compete in MFG: Moroboshi Sena, a Toyota Supra MK5 driver.

Likes: His beloved FD, winning, Ryosuke, perfecting his skills, Takumi (despite rivalry)

Dislikes: Lan-Evos, Skyline GT-Rs, 4WD, Over-dressed schoolgirls, losing, Kyoichi Sudo, Seiji Iwaki, Team Emperor

Special skills: ABS Drift (Significance unknown), uphill racing

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ryosuke Takahashi[edit | edit source]

He is his older brother. After being influenced by his racing skills, he decided to follow his footsteps and reason to become a professional racer. He co-founded the Akagi RedSuns and also helped his brother create Project D. Ryosuke would often coach him and prep talk in his battles.

Takumi Fujiwara[edit | edit source]

During an impromptu battle in Takumi's delivery run, he was outpaced by him when he performed inertia drift. He lost again in their second battle became obsessed with defeating him. Because of that, he doesn't want him to lose to anyone but him and his brother. However, he began to gain profound respect for him and convinced him to join Project D before he can rematch him and turn pro. He considers him a friendly rival.

Takeshi Nakazato[edit | edit source]

After both were unable to defeat Takumi in their battles with him, Nakazato challenges Keisuke in a rainy battle in Myogi in an uphill race. Keisuke won the battle leading Nakazato to argue believing he won the race by luck. Keisuke then corrects him that he used his skills to win the race fair and square.

Kenta Nakamura[edit | edit source]

He is idolised by him and would do anything to prove himself to him. Just like Keisuke, he was part of the Akagi RedSuns (until the creation of Project D).

Seiji Iwaki[edit | edit source]

Exclusive to Battle Stage, he was his opponent prior to Ryosuke's battle against Kyoichi. The battle was decided by hillclimb. Keisuke won that battle when he overtook Seiji in the S sections.

Wataru Akiyama[edit | edit source]

After his brother's victory against Sudo, he challenged him next but declined because it was against the RedSuns' policy to not race on their own turf. Wataru nonetheless shows him off which nearly caused an accident. They accepted each other's challenge to race again in which they eventually did during Project D's Saitama expedition. He won against him after slipping out. They eventually became friends after their battle. Keisuke later requested help from Wataru to expose imposter Project D's schemes.

Kyoko Iwase[edit | edit source]

Just like him, she too drives an FD3S. She fell in love with Keisuke at first sight. When Keisuke's FD broke down, she offered him to borrow her's in his next battle. Both then dated each other. In the end, Keisuke turned her down reasonably because he wants to concentrate on his goal. He did admit he liked her.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Keisuke appeared in MF Ghost as a CEO of TK Mach Corporation with Kenta.
  • Keisuke is apparently most famous for the words "Nani" (what) and "Kansei dorifto" (inertia drift) when he gets overtaken by Takumi performing said maneuver, which became a meme. He would occasionally utter this out (either both phrases, or simply "Nani") in the Street Stage game when racing him.
  • Keisuke and his brother Ryosuke were parodied in Kaido Battle 2 & 3, two touge racing games by Genki. Keisuke was parodied as Ryuji Hashimoto (Mischievous Fool in KB2, HC Top in KB3) of Akagi BlueSign.

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