Keisuke Takahashi (高橋 啓介 Takahashi Keisuke, "K.T.") is the number two driver for the RedSuns. Keisuke drives an efini RX-7 Type R (FD3S) , and is a skilled driver, second only to his brother, Ryosuke. Keisuke is a rather hot-headed young man and does not like losing. He is also known to drive with his emotions- for example, if he realises that he cannot win, his driving suffers and, if he is in the lead, he is carefree and very relaxed. He used to rebel against his parents and got in many fights with them. They stopped trying on Keisuke. Ryosuke very much understood what Keisuke felt. Ryosuke then took Keisuke on a downhill, and it changed his life. Before Ryosuke got Keisuke involved in street racing, he was the leader of a Bōsōzoku gang. He joins his brother's new team and has a rivalry with Takumi. Keisuke races the hillclimb (uphill) on most races, while Takumi races the downhill.

Keisuke isn't analytical like his older brother, and Ryosuke's ability to compute and analyze amazes Keisuke. But at the same time, Keisuke's ability to think less while he is driving, and to do only what he feels amazes Ryosuke. While Ryosuke has decided that he won't race much longer, and that he will become a doctor in the future, Keisuke has dedicated his life to racing- his eventual goal is to become a professional racer. But, first, he must defeat Takumi. Though visibly getting along, they still have some kind of argumentation over who is the ace, but he has respect for Takumi. He stated once he was not as strong minded as Takumi, because Takumi fell asleep really fast before a great battle, making Keisuke ask himself if Takumi even knew what pressure was.

By the end of the Fourth Stage anime, Keisuke's skill has dramatically improved to the point that he is offered contact information for a professional racing team. Keisuke turns the offer down since he believes he still has a ways to go before he's ready for a professional racing career. At the same time, Takumi remarks that Keisuke could probably defeat him if they had a serious race.

After the Final Stage, he becomes a full professional racer with his RX-7 and Tomiguchi being his personal mechanic.

In the new manga MF Ghost, Keisuke is a CEO of TK Mach Corporation.

Likes: His beloved FD, winning, Ryosuke, Kyoko(sometimes)

Dislikes: Lan-Evos, Skyline GTR, 4WD, Overdressed schoolgirls,losing, Kyoko(sometimes), Kyoichi Sudo, Seiji Iwaki

Special skills: ABS Drift (Significance unknown)

Car Mazda efini RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
Year 1991
Body Color Competition Yellow Mica
Plate 63-887, classification 37 (Anime) 8-301 (89-301), Classification 33 (New Initial D Movie)
Custom Parts Redsuns ver. - Mazda painted FRP front lip; Mazdaspeed Wing (pre-2nd Stage), A-Spec Spoiler Type II (2nd-3rd Stage), A-Spec Front Bumper Type II (3rd Stage), Keisuke-made Rims (1st Stage), MS-02 Rims (2nd Stage manga, Battle-3rd stage), turbo gauge; suspension kit, muffler, steering wheel; Sports computer, electronic boost controller, sequential adapter; Recaro bucket racing seats

Project D early ver. - (Same as Redsuns 2nd stage manga, Battle & 3rd stage) Mazdaspeed A-spec Front Bumper Type II, A-Spec Spoiler Type II, Blitz 2.0 turbo gauge (Manga), 2.0 Turbo Gauge (Anime), muffler, & bucket racing seats

Project D later ver. - RE Amemiya Dolphin tail replica TA muffler GT-AD aero w/ carbon fiber canards and fixed HID (ducted right side) headlights, AD9 Hood (Carbon hood in the finale of 5th Stage), GT II spoiler, AD type 1 side mirrors, Quantum RS coilovers, green flat-bottom steering wheel, 1.5 Redom bar boost gauge (1 bar boost setting), 1.5 intercooler ; Apex'i Twin turbos (discontinued), twin intake, Power FC; HKS lap timer; Recaro bucket racing seats (black spirit R), Takata 4 point harnesses; Panspeed 4 point Roll bar; SSR type C rims (bronze)

Trivia Edit

  • Keisuke appeared in MF Ghost as a CEO of TK Mach Corporation with Kenta.