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The battle between Keisuke Takahashi and Kyoko Iwase is the thirty-third battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle[]

Kyoko runs into Keisuke by coincidence earlier, and falls for him at first sight. Unfortunately for her, it is later revealed that the yellow FD is in fact her upcoming rival. She is shocked, but chooses to carry on anyway, as if to prove her worth to Keisuke. Before they take off, Ryosuke advises his younger brother that his opponent's car is a single-turbo.

During the Battle[]

Motivated by a strong desire to not be left behind by the person she's in love with, Kyoko puts all she has into the battle. The horribly bumpy road surface surprises Keisuke initially, but he manages to adapt while silently praising Kyoko for managing such fine throttle control with a single-turbo FD. After Kyoko makes a mistake, Keisuke realizes that while the single-turbo is more effectively applies torque on the rough surface, it's a more peaky setup. As Keisuke gains confidence and bumps Kyoko's car, Kyoko loses boost just as Keisuke had in his battle against Sakai, and ends up relenting the lead, prematurely ending the battle she wanted to last forever.

After the Battle[]

Kyoko is shattered, but continues on regardless, and chooses to follow Project.D around, eventually lending her car to Keisuke when his is damaged in a dirty move by his rivals at Tsuchisaka.


Fourth Stage[]

Battle Stage 2[]