The battle between Keisuke Takahashi and Ryuji Ikeda is the forty-fifth battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

Project D aces Takumi Fujiwara and Keisuke Takahashi take practice runs at the Spiral's home course of Nanamagari. It is noted by team member Junichi Sakamoto and Ryuji Ikeda that Team Spiral member Hiroya Okuyama, the opponent for Takumi, is missing and has refused to greet the members of Project D. Ryuji asks Sakamoto what he "senses" from Project D to which he replies, "Their presence gives me chills. It must come from the momentum of continuous wins" while also noting that their opposing team isn't aggressive or desperate and states that they seem "more pro than the real ones". Ikeda explains a short portion of his "Zero Theory" and describes this race as the "perfect stage" to test it. On another part of the course, Eiji Kubo and Go Hojo discuss the effects that the supposed weather conditions would affect the battles. At the end of the sixth episode, Ikeda is seen meditating inside of his car. The next day, Kenta and Fumihiro note the rainy conditions from the deck of their temporary cabin, and in another location, Ryuji does the same, while also stating that there was something peculiar about Ryosuke when he had first encountered him the previous night. Ryosuke, inside the cabin, is found researching details about Ikeda, saying that Ikeda had posted his "Zero Theory" on his team's website, and that some details of Ikeda's ideals were shockingly similar to Ryosuke's "fastest driver" theory. Members of the Akina SpeedStars think about the effects that the conditions could have on Takumi's driving, who at the time is taking an early morning practice run on the course. Later, Keisuke arrives after another practice run and describes the road conditions to Ryosuke and the team mechanics. Ryuji meditates inside of his car until he is interrupted by Sakamoto who asks him what he thinks about when meditation, to which Ikeda replies that he thinks about nothing at all, as is the goal of meditation. He also states that he intentionally made no plans for the race. A while after, Keisuke and Ikeda get ready to start, with Ikeda petitioning to start in the lead position. He instructs Keisuke to go full throttle after they go under a tollway overpass at the beginning of the course. A spectator laments over the conditions, protesting that the wet roads wouldn't allow the contestants to go full throttle.

During the Battle Edit

As the race begins, Keisuke stays behind at a short distance. Okuyama makes an appearance, discussing the road conditions with an unnamed team member. As the race presses on, Eiji Kubo and Go Hojo further discuss the battle, saying that "the lead driver will feel enormous pressure at the beginning of a wet race.". Elsewhere, Sakamoto recites some of the basics of the Zero Theory. Ikeda explains aspects of the human mind as the race continues. Eiji Kubo reflects on the driving of Keisuke and states that he is "facing a wall". Ikeda continues explaining his ideals. Ryosuke and Fumihiro discuss more aspects of Ikeda's theory, while Eiji Kubo and Go Hojo take notice of the course's infamous "white devil", which describes the thick fog that begins to form as Keisuke's battle continues. Sakamoto and another team member of Team Spiral discuss the growing problem of the thick fog surrounding the course. Ryosuke states that he took the fog into account when planning his strategy for the battle. Keisuke and Ikeda pass two spectators on the course, who note the incredible danger of the race now that the fog has showed up. Ryosuke discusses the possibility that the nearby Fuji Speedway could potentially be where the locals of the course hone their skills, while also pointing out some flaws in Ikeda's theory. The race drags on at a quick pace and Keisuke begins to recall a moment prior to the race where he discusses a strategy for the fog with Kenta. Keisuke and Ikeda pass Shinji Inui and his mother soon after. After Shinji's mother comments on Ikeda's driving, Shinji states that Keisuke's car was more interesting to see, commenting that it looked like a "yellow fireball" to him. As the race continues, both Ikeda and Keisuke are in shock as a sudden thick fog completely surrounds the final section of the course, making them completely devoid of vision of the course. During the final section of the course, Keisuke notes an incoming call from Kenta on his phone, which is taped to the top of the dashboard of his car. Keisuke states that this call "means no oncoming traffic in the target area", which causes him to steer to the oncoming lane and attempt to make a full-throttle pass, which inevitably works.

After the Battle Edit

Following the end of the battle, Kenta talks with Keisuke about their strategy. Meanwhile, Ikeda states that the fog made him lose concentration and caused him to lose. Keisuke discusses how the fog affected his driving and emotions. After a quick comment about the fog from Eiji Kubo and Go Hojo, who state the dramatic situation could only be rivaled by "top-category Motorsports", Okuyama steps out of his car and harshly remarks on Ikeda's loss. Okuyama chooses to take the chasing position and Ryosuke gives Takumi some pace management advice before the battle begins.

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Fifth Stage Edit

  1. Speedy Runner - King & Queen
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