The battle between Keisuke Takahashi and Seiji Iwaki is the eleventh battle in Initial D: Battle Stage. This is an anime only battle, only being featured in Battle Stage. The existence of this battle is mentioned within the manga, but it isn't shown.

Prior to the Battle Edit

This battle was after the engine blew in Takumi's AE86, as an act of revenge for the blown engine, Keisuke goes and battles Seiji.

During the Battle Edit

Seiji chooses to use Simulation 1 and Keisuke closely follows for most of the race. The battle didn't feature much, except an amazing overtake that Keisuke pulled off at one of the S-curves and finished the battle stating "You have no chance of overtaking me now."

After the Battle Edit

After this battle, it was time for Ryosuke's downhill race against Kyoichi. It isn't referenced in later stages, but Keisuke had broken the uphill record for Akagi in this race.

Music Edit

Battle Stage Edit

Fastest Typing in Kanto Project Edit

  • Burning Desire - Mega NRG Man

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