The battle between Keisuke Takahashi vs Smiley Sakai is the twenty-eighth battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

After the drivers introduce themselves, Keisuke asks Sakai about his car's engine. Smiley replies that he has retrofitted a turbocharger.

During the Battle Edit

Sakai leads the race as both cars start the uphill. Keisuke is surprised by the Integra's traction. Sakai waits until Keisuke had gotten used to his rhythm and swears to avenge Daiki. As Keisuke chases, he is thrown off guard by a braking feint and loses boost, allowing Sakai to pull ahead easily. Keisuke's rhythm is further disrupted when Sakai suddenly accelerates before the second corner. Copying the Integra's movements, he realizes that he is entering the corner too fast. He reacts by intentionally oversteering to reduce the FD's speed, avoiding a collision. Determined, Keisuke enters the next corner without braking in an effort to close the distance. Sakai notices that Keisuke has caught up and moves to the inner lane in order to shorten the line at the exit of the fourth corner. Keisuke seizes the opportunity to pass and bumps the Integra, forcing Sakai to alter his line. This results in Keisuke overtaking Sakai.

After the Battle Edit

Project D returns to Gunma, unaware that the Todo School is intent on revenge by summoning their recent graduate, Tomoyuki Tachi to defeat them.

Music Edit

Battle Stage 2 Edit

Special Stage Edit

  • Big In Japan - Robert Patton
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