The battle between Keisuke Takahashi and Wataru Akiyama is the thirty-fifth battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

After the Impromptu battle in Second Stage, Wataru said to Keisuke that he will challenge him again later on.

During the Battle Edit

It's pouring with rain at Maze, but that does not discourage either driver - in fact, it emboldens Wataru, who has replaced his Levin's turbo engine with a supercharged 4A-GZE, allowing for smoother power delivery compared to Keisuke's powerful but finnicky turbo 13B. The result of the first hillclimb is inconclusive, and the battle drags on for a while until both drivers are exhausted. Already fatigued, Wataru tries to increase the speed of his wipers and forgets a drain is nearby, losing control of the Levin as he runs over it and narrowly being avoided by Keisuke.

After the Battle Edit

Defeated officially this time, Wataru concedes to Keisuke.

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Battle Stage 2 Edit

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