A member of the Akina SpeedStars and Iketani's best friend, Kenji (健二) drives a Nissan 180SX. He hangs out at the gas station where Iketani, Takumi and Itsuki work from time to time, usually discussing cars and driving techniques with Iketani and Yuichi. He has respect and admiration for Iketani and Takumi; Iketani since he is the leader of the Speed Stars and Takumi for his driving skills.

Kenji is believed to be the second-best driver of the SpeedStars. He was set to race Keisuke in the first battle because Iketani was injured and the mysterious "Tofu Shop Eight-Six" was thought to be a no-show.

To this day, his last name hasn't been revealed in any media form of Initial D. His age has also not been explicitly stated, though judging from Iketani and Itsuki's constant joking in regards to Kenji not having a girlfriend at his age, and that he and Iketani don't address each other as Senpai, it's probably safe to assume that he is about the same age as Iketani. His occupation is also unknown, although he often goes to the gas station where his friends work bringing car magazines and racing news.

Car Nissan 180SX Type II (RPS13)
Year 1989
Color Warm White
Plate 11-305, classification 55 (Anime), 3-573, classification 79 (New Initial D Movie)
Custom Parts Nissan fog lamps and front lip, Nissan 180SX Type III Side Skirts and Rear Spoiler, Kenji-made wheels, Sports muffler, and SpeedStars Sticker