Kenji's Nissan 180SX Type II (RPS13), known simply as the 180, is the signature vehicle of Akina SpeedStars member Kenji.

History Edit

Kenji drives his 180SX as part of the Akina SpeedStars, his childhood best friend Koichiro Iketani's team. During a team meetup on top of Mt. Akina, the SpeedStars are confronted by the Akagi RedSuns, who challenge them to a downhill battle in one weeks time. After being thrashed by the RedSuns during their practice runs, Kenji and the other SpeedStars momentarily consider selling their cars and giving up racing, however they decide against this. After Iketani crashes his car during a practice run, Kenji is set up to race against Keisuke Takahashi, however he is replaced with Takumi Fujiwara when he arrives to battle in the SpeedStars place.

The SpeedStars all drive up to Akina in the 180 before Takumi's race with Takeshi Nakazato, with Kenji and Iketani heading to Takumi's house to find out if he is going to race. During the gum tape deathmatch between Takumi and Shingo Shoji, Kenji followed Iketani down the mountain in his 180, just in case either of the racers had crashed.

Kenji, Takumi and Itsuki follow Iketani when he heads to his date with Mako Sato. Instead of hanging around in Karuizawa, the three decide to check out Usui pass and its racing scene. They stick around until night, when they head to the mountain with Iketani.

During Emperor's Gunma sweep, Kenji and Iketani head over to Akagi to watch the battles between Emperor and the RedSuns.

During Takumi's time in Project D, Kenji often stopped by the gas station to talk with Itsuki and Iketani, as well as giving information about their upcoming battles.

Specs Edit

The car is a Nissan 180SX Type II, chassis code RPS13. It is painted in Warm White. In early Arcade Stage games, it is depicted as a 180SX Type X.

Engine Edit

The 180 is equipped with a SR20DET engine. This engine is turbocharged and has a displacement of 1998 cc. The 180 revved at 6000rpm and could produce 205HP.

Custom Parts Edit

  • Nissan fog lamps and front lip
  • Nissan 180SX Type III Side Skirts
  • Nissan 180SX Type III Rear Spoiler
  • Kenji-made wheels
  • Sports muffler
  • SpeedStars Sticker

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