Kobayakawa (小早川) is Team 246's uphill representative who drives a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII.

Sure of his own skill and of 4WD's abilities on the uphill, he chooses to chase behind Keisuke with the plan of observing his opponent from behind; confident that he can overtake if Keisuke is underwhelming.

Keisuke tunes his FD with as much power as possible with the plan of outrunning his opponent in the first round. This has a disadvantage, however, because the extra power causes the FD to become oversteery and would wear the rear tires very quickly (Kobayakawa notes during the race that the FD was looking clumsy).
Kobayakawa initial d 44790

In 5th Stage

Kobayakawa becomes aware that Keisuke plans to lose him and attempts to anticipate when the FD driver plans to attack. The race progresses, however, without a sign of Keisuke's attack and Kobayakawa lowers his guard. Just when he did this, however, Keisuke initiated his attack and pulled away. Kobayakawa was unable to catch up and lost the race by a margin of 7 seconds.

Age 20
Sex Male
Car Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR (CT9A)
Year 2001
Color Dandelion Yellow
Plate 25-645, classification 330
Engine Engine-tuned 2.0L 4G63 with Aftermarket Turbine
Custom Parts C-West Front bumper, Creative Sports side step and rear under spoiler, Voltex GT-Wing, Ganador side mirrors, Creative Sports hood, Roll Cage, Bucket Racing Seats, Defi Gauges, Momo Steering Wheel, HKS Turbo, Mine's Muffler, Ralliart Header & HKS F-Con Pro ECU, Racing Hart rims, and C-West painted carbon trunk
Japanese voice actor Kenji Hamada