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Koichiro Iketani (池谷 浩一郎, Iketani Kōichirō, known as Cole in the Tokyopop version) is the leader of the Akina SpeedStars.

While not a highly skilled street racer, he is likely the most skilled member of the SpeedStars, and leads the team passionately. He works at the Gas Station with Takumi Fujiwara and Itsuki Takeuchi, eventually introducing the two to Gunma's street racing scene by taking them up to Akina to meet his team. After the SpeedStars are challenged by the Akagi RedSuns he seeks the help of a tofu store owner who was the fastest on Akina. The tofu store owner sends his son, Takumi, to race in his stead, kick starting his racing career. During the early stages of Takumi's career, Iketani helps him out on several occasions with his knowledge of cars and street racing.



At some point Iketani met Kenji, who would become his long term best friend.

When he was in middle school, Iketani went fishing with Kenji on Lake Akina. They spent hours fishing but only managed to catch one small fish, which Iketani overreacted to, saying that it was massive. This attracted the attention of several older men who were fishing at the same time, embarrassing Kenji.

When he turned 18, Iketani attended a driving school over the summer so that he could get his license.

At some point he got his Nissan Silvia K's (S13), and became the leader of the Akina SpeedStars. He would also begin working at the Esso Gas Station in Shibukawa, later being joined by Takumi Fujiwara and Itsuki Takeuchi.

The White Ghost of Akina[]

While at work one day, Iketani overhears Itsuki talking to Takumi about buying an Eight-Six, and compliments them for their taste in cars. When Takumi admits he doesn't know what an Eight-Six is, Iketani and Itsuki tease him. Iketani then invites the two up to Akina that evening to meet with his team, an invitation Itsuki enthusiastically accepts.

After his shift, Iketani talks with the gas station owned Yuichi Tachibana. Yuichi tells him that the while the SpeedStars think they are the fastest on Akina, he used to know a racer who could back it up. He tells Iketani that the guy still drives on Akina, just at a different time, because he runs a tofu store. Yuichi says that he would bet a decent sum of money on the tofu store owner's Eight-Six being the fastest on the mountain, much to Iketani's shock.

Later, Iketani drives Takumi and Itsuki up to the top of Akina, with his driving freaking Takumi out quite badly. Not long after they arrive, the SpeedStars are approached by Keisuke Takahashi of the Akagi RedSuns, who asks them who the fastest racer on the mountain is. Iketani tells him that his team is the fastest on the mountain, and Keisuke gives the go ahead to Fumihiro, who proposes that the two teams get together for a few friendly races. Iketani accepts, and the two teams set off to practice. Iketani tells Itsuki that the team just got challenged, and that the RedSuns just want to show off how fast they are. Iketani heads off down the mountain to practice, and tells the two that he wont ditch them.

The SpeedStars meet up again at the top of the mountain, and all talk about how the RedSuns killed them on their own course. Iketani says that even though they may be better, they cant back down, and should meet the next day in order to come up with a strategy. Iketani drives Itsuki and Takumi back home, and tells them that while losing is all a part of being a racer, you don't have to like it.

The next day, Iketani decides to check out the tofu shop that Yuichi had told him about. Iketani dismisses the Eight-Six, thinking that Yuichi must have been joking with him. He goes to leave, before bumping into Takumi, quickly realising that this is where he lives. He offers Takumi a lift to work, and asks him if he really knows nothing about cars, pointing out that despite claiming to not know what an Eight-Six is, he owns one. Takumi rebuffs him, telling him that the car is a Trueno and Iketani explains that it's an AE86 Trueno.

That evening, Iketani works on his car, replacing his tires and brake pads. Kenji and another member of the SpeedStars drop by, and the three of them talk about the upcoming race. Kenji tells him to be careful, as a single mistake on the downhill can kill. The three head up to Akina to practice. After a run, Kenji tells Iketani that Keisuke has been on the mountain every night.

The day after, Itsuki proposes that he and Iketani teach Takumi about cars. Itsuki asks Takumi what drifting is, and Takumi tells him its when you let the front tires slide, which causes Itsuki and Iketani to burst into laughter. The two tell him that that's understeering, and that you need to make your back tires slide when drifting. Soon after, Keisuke Takahashi pulls up to the gas station. Keisuke asks Iketani if there's a ghost on Akina, a phantom Eight-Six. Iketani dismisses it as a joke, but Keisuke is serious, and tells him that if that's their secret weapon for the battle he'd be happy to wait. When Keisuke leaves Iketani puts the pieces together, and thinks that maybe Yuichi wasn't lying, that the tofu shop owner really is the fastest car on the mountain.

He heads to Akina that night to practice, but cant seem to improve his time.

Iketani heads back to the tofu shop the next day. When the owner, Bunta, asks if he can help him, Iketani orders some fried tofu. He tells Bunta about the tofu shop Eight-Six rumour, and Bunta tells him that he has the wrong guy. Iketani tells him that he's the only tofu shop in the prefecture that delivers in an Eight-Six. Bunta asks him what he would even do if it was true, questioning why he would want an old man to be a part of his team. Iketani asks him to hear him out, and tells him that his team has been challenged by the RedSuns. Bunta tells him that he sympathises, as he's raced against people from Akagi and knows how tough they are, but says that it's up to the younger generation to deal with it. Iketani asks if Bunta could teach him, but he couldn't teach him anything worthwhile in a couple days. He imparts some wisdom onto him, telling him that you can only improve as a racer by practicing, by experiencing the road. He tells him that back in his day he'd practice so much he could run the course in his imagination, and that he'd keep trying new tricks, occasionally one of them would improve his control. He finishes, and tells Iketani that that's the best advice he can give. Iketani tells him that he'll probably see him again, as all he wants is to show the RedSuns that there's talent in Akina.

Later on Iketani heads up the mountain to practice. As he practices he enters a corner quickly, not noticing the headlights coming up until it's too late. He understeers into the corner, narrowly missing the oncoming car, but ends up ploughing directly into the guardrail. The driver of the other car gets out to chastise him, but quickly realises that he's injured and calls an ambulance. He gets let out with minor injuries to his head and neck, but his car is damaged quite badly.

On Saturday Iketani heads to the tofu shop, and orders some fried tofu, calling it the best in town. Bunta tells him that he might show up tonight, giving it a 50-50 chance of happening. Iketani tells him that they wont start the timed runs until 10, and Bunta tells him that if he isn't there by then then he isn't coming. Iketani tells him that he'll stall until he gets there, and that he knows he'll show up.

That evening Iketani tells the SpeedStars about the Eight-Six and how it beat Keisuke, to the disbelief of the rest of the team. In case Bunta doesn't show, Iketani appoints Kenji and his Nissan 180SX Type II (RPS13) as the teams representative. When the RedSuns arrive, the SpeedStars witness the professionalism of how they manage the course for the event.

10PM quickly approaches, and with the Eight-Six nowhere in sight Kenji prepares for the battle. At the last minute Fumihiro gets word from the base of the mountain that a car is heading up the course. While Keisuke is eager to get the battle started, Iketani realises that it could be Bunta, and asks if they know what type of car it is. The spotter at the finish line tells them that it's a Trueno, much to Iketani and Keisuke's shock. Keisuke asks the spotter what colour the car is, and is told that it's black and white, much to his satisfaction. Keisuke tells the teams to wait for the car to arrive, saying that he wasn't meant to race the 180SX, to which Iketani agrees. Both teams wait tensely for the car to reach the top, and Iketani is glad Bunta has come, that they'll finally be able to show them the best on Akina. Takumi steps out of the car, shocking Iketani, who panickedly asks where his father is. Takumi says that Bunta had told him to come up the mountain with the car, and Iketani tells him that he needed Bunta, not the car. Takumi tells him that he was told to beat an RX-7 on the downhill, confusing Iketani as to why Bunta would send Takumi to drive. Takumi says that he's already beaten the guy before, but before Iketani can get any elaboration on this Itsuki slaps Takumi, and tells him to move his car. Iketani tells Itsuki to be quiet, and asks Takumi if he's the delivery driver for the tofu store. Takumi tells him that he has been for the past five years, which finally causes it to click in his head that he's the downhill driver that they're really after. He tells Takumi to go ahead and race, much to Itsuki protests, though Iketani swiftly shuts him down. The downhill begins, and Iketani explains everything to Itsuki, saying that if Bunta thinks Takumi can beat Keisuke then he's willing to put his faith in him. He tells Itsuki he's sure that Takumi was the one who beat Keisuke before, but Itsuki doesn't believe it. Iketani and Itsuki overhear a call from further down the course that Takumi is right behind Keisuke, shocking both of them. They overhear Takumi and Keisuke in the five hairpins, and are shocked when Takumi manages to pass Keisuke from the inside of the third hairpin. The SpeedStars enthusiastically celebrate their victory.

Against Emperor[]

The New Eight-Six[]

Project D - Tochigi[]

Saitama and Ibaraki[]

The Kanagawa Expedition[]

MF Ghost[]


Likes: His beloved Silvia S13, he gets happy when someone says they like the S13, Mako

Dislikes: Silvia S14, Silvia S15, Shingo, Emperors, The Two guys from Tokyo

Special skills: Corner entry, E-brake cornering, heel and toe drift, mechanical knowledge.


Love Interests[]

Mako Sato

He first saw her have car troubles. After fixing her car, she hands him her phone number and began to fall in love. After Takumi's battle and fun at the waterpark during Summer break, she eventually leaves him after failing to show up on an organised meetup. But during Extra Stage, it is hinted she still has an interest to Iketani.


Mrs. Iketani

Not much is known about her apart from the fact that she made her first appearance in Extra Stage 2, where he takes her to a family meeting.

Akina SpeedStars[]


His best friend who was the second to join the Akina SpeedStars.

Itsuki Takeuchi

A workmate and a friend who would eventually join the SpeedStars after Takumi drove his Eight-Five trying to outrun bullying street racers the night before.

Project D[]

Takumi Fujiwara

He is a workmate and a friend. Takumi would often look up to him on engine knowledge and mechanical advice ever since he got his Eight-Six engine completely fixed. He too relies so much on Takumi to race for them until Takumi's victory against Seiji Iwaki (as he no longer wishes to race on his home turf anymore).

Keisuke Takahashi

He was the original opponent of Keisuke before the latter has a confrontation with Takumi. He is aware of Keisuke's skills and sees him as a formidable opponent.

Ryosuke Takahashi

He respects Ryosuke and his skills. He supports Ryosuke when Kyoichi battles with him.

Myogi NightKids[]

Shingo Shoji

He meets Shingo in an impromptu battle which causes the latter to bump Iketani, who loses control and spins out. He was mad at Shingo for trying to drive dangerously. However after Shingo battles with Takumi and the former crashes, he tries to aid Shingo by taking him to a hospital.


Yuichi Tachibana

Yuichi is his boss at the gas station. He respects him. Yuichi provides information about cars and techniques to him. He was the one who first told him about the 'Ghost of Akina'. He also insisted Iketani to go and meet up to Mako at the hotel when the former initially was reluctant to meet her.

Bunta Fujiwara

Prior to Takumi's legend, Iketani was Bunta's huge fan and would often look up to him to race in Akina SpeedStars' place after the RedSuns challenged them.


  • Shuichi Shigeno has stated that Iketani is his favorite character, according to some interviews.
  • Iketani appears in MF Ghost in chapter 96 where he still lives in Shibukawa and still works at the gas station (although it is an ENEOS EV station).In addition to becoming the general manager of the gas station (replacing Yuchi), he is the only one of the SpeedStars to be single and without kids (as he has still yet to get over Mako). He is also shown to be balding.
  • Iketani was first character to have a dialogue in the Legend trilogy, where he states about how late the time was while driving downhill from Mt Akina moments before he encounters the impromptu battle between an AE86 and an FD3S.




The White Ghost of Akina Arc[]

Emperor Arc[]

The New Eight Six Arc[]

Tochigi Arc[]

Saitama and Ibaraki Arc[]

Kanagawa Expedition Arc[]


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Third Stage[]

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New Initial D the Movie Trilogy[]

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