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Koichiro Iketani (池谷 浩一郎, Iketani Kōichirō, known as Cole in the Tokyopop version) is the leader of the Akina SpeedStars.

He was also the senior of Itsuki and Takumi when they were at middle school. Itsuki admires him, as Iketani is the leader of the local racing team, the Akina SpeedStars. Iketani drives a Nissan S13 Silvia. At first, Iketani thinks that the SpeedStars are the best drivers in Akina but later his boss Yuichi tells Iketani of the mysterious driver of an Eight-Six who was the fastest driver in his time, and that he suspects that the driver is the owner of the local tofu shop.

He is an average racer at best, but his skills are decent enough for him to be the leader of the SpeedStars. He is noted by the Two Guys from Tokyo in the S15 to have good corner entry.

It is Iketani (along with Itsuki) who explains to Takumi the practice of referring to street-racing cars by their chassis codes, since this is the simplest way of denoting different body style/engine combinations. For example, instead of specifying the 1983-1987 Toyota Sprinter Trueno or Corolla Levin with the 4A-GE engine (or Toyota Sprinter Trueno 1600GT APEX), one can simply call it an AE86, or more simply, an "Eight-Six".

Mako Sato and Iketani did eventually met up after the Seven Star Leaf arc Iketani was unexpectedly surprised by Sayuki when Iketani is with his mother, and Sayuki is with Mako Sato. Iketani eventually apologies for being late 6 months ago and set up a meeting in Usui. Iketani arrives first, but an old man shows up to ask Iketani for help, because the old man missed his bus, because he ate for too long. Iketani was so kind to accept. A couple of hours later Mako Sato arrives and Iketani isn't there, because he is helping the old man. Iketani, on the way to Mako Sato got a flat tire and has to called Mako Sato. Eventually Mako Sato arrives to see Iketani and eventually talk. Mako Sato tells Iketani that she is going to to "Tokyo" to race. Iketani was so surprised that he didn't say what he was gonna say, so he supported Mako Sato without her knowing that Iketani loves her. Iketani admits to Kenji that the reason Iketani didn't confess to Mako Sato is because his love for her will just slow her down.

He still lives with his parents.

Sayuki calls him "Ichikoro", much to Mako's embarrassment.

He has safely confirmed that he is not a crazy serial killer.



The White Ghost of Akina[]

Against Emperor[]

The New Eight-Six[]

Project D - Tochigi[]

Saitama and Ibaraki[]

The Kanagawa Expedition[]

MF Ghost[]


Likes: His beloved Silvia S13, he gets happy when someone says they like the S13, Mako

Dislikes: Silvia S14, Silvia S15, Shingo, two guys from Tokyo, Emperors

Special skills: Corner entry, E-brake cornering, heel and toe drift, mechanical knowledge.


Love Interests[]

Mako Sato

He first saw her have car troubles. After fixing her car, she hands him her phone number and began to fall in love. After Takumi's battle and fun at the waterpark during Summer break, she eventually leaves him after failing to show up on an organised meetup. But during Extra Stage, it is hinted she still has an interest to Iketani.


Mrs. Iketani

Not much is known about her apart from the fact that she made her first appearance in Extra Stage 2, where he takes her to a family meeting.

Akina SpeedStars[]


His best friend who was the second to join the Akina SpeedStars.

Itsuki Takeuchi

A workmate and a friend who would eventually join the SpeedStars after Takumi drove his Eight-Five trying to outrun bullying street racers the night before.

Project D[]

Takumi Fujiwara

He is a workmate and a friend. Takumi would often look up to him on engine knowledge and mechanical advice ever since he got his Eight-Six engine completely fixed. He too relies so much on Takumi to race for them until Takumi's victory against Seiji Iwaki (as he no longer wishes to race on his home turf anymore).

Keisuke Takahashi

He was the original opponent of Keisuke before the latter has a confrontation with Takumi. He is aware of Keisuke's skills and sees him as a formidable opponent.

Ryosuke Takahashi

He respects Ryosuke and his skills. He supports Ryosuke when Kyoichi battles with him.

Myogi NightKids[]

Shingo Shoji

He meets Shingo in an impromptu battle which causes the latter to bump Iketani, who loses control and spins out. He was mad at Shingo for trying to drive dangerously. However after Shingo battles with Takumi and the former crashes, he tries to aid Shingo by taking him to a hospital.


Yuichi Tachibana

Yuichi is his boss at the gas station. He respects him. Yuichi provides information about cars and techniques to him. He was the one who first told him about the 'Ghost of Akina'. He also insisted Iketani to go and meet up to Mako at the hotel when the former initially was reluctant to meet her.

Bunta Fujiwara

Prior to Takumi's legend, Iketani was Bunta's huge fan and would often look up to him to race in Akina SpeedStars' place after the RedSuns challenged them.




The White Ghost of Akina Arc[]

Emperor Arc[]

The New Eight Six Arc[]

Tochigi Arc[]

Saitama and Ibaraki Arc[]

Kanagawa Expedition Arc[]


First Stage[]

Second Stage[]

Extra Stage[]

Third Stage[]

Fourth Stage[]

Extra Stage 2[]

Fifth Stage[]

Final Stage[]

New Initial D the Movie Trilogy[]

Legend 1: Awakening[]

Legend 2: Racer[]

Legend 3: Dream[]



  • Shuichi Shigeno has stated that Iketani is his favorite character, according to some interviews.
  • Iketani appears in MF Ghost in chapter 96 where he still lives in Shibukawa and still works at the gas station (although it is an ENEOS EV station).In addition to becoming the general manager of the gas station (replacing Yuchi), he is the only one of the SpeedStars to be single and without kids. He is also shown to be balding.
    • The reason is because Iketani could not forget Mako in the years following the initial D and for this reason, he prevented the young Iketani (also because of his personality) from finding a girl.
  • Iketani was first character to have a dialogue in the Legend trilogy, where he states about how late the time was while driving downhill from Mt Akina moments before he encounters the impromptu battle between an AE86 and an FD3S.







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