Nickname in English adaptations: "Kylie"

A skilled uphill driving ace in the Northwest Saitama Alliance, Kyoko Iwase (岩瀬 恭子 Iwase Kyōko) was originally the fastest in the alliance, but after racing against Keisuke Takahashi, she falls in love with her opponent. This creates a conflict of interest between defeating Project D and supporting her love. Love prevailed. Attesting to this, Kyoko later lent her FD to Keisuke after he damaged the left front suspension of his own FD in an accident during a trial run on Tsuchizaka. Keisuke went on to win the race with her car, instead of the loaned FC Ryosuke planned for him to use. Unfortunately for her, Keisuke chooses to focus on Project D to the exclusion of all romantic relationships.

Kyoko's FD is a single turbo (compared to Keisuke's twin-turbo FD). Because of this, it has more torque and more turbo lag despite the power output being almost the same.

Car Ẽfini RX-7 Type R (FD3S)
Year 1993
Plate 54-369, classification 39, 8-584, classification 35 (Initial D Arcade Stage Zero)
Color Brilliant Black
Engine Mazda 13B-REW Single Turbo
Custom Parts 1998 FD3S Spoiler, One-off Custom Hood and Muffler, Border Aero Kit, Knight Sport Aero Mirrors Type 1, and RE-Amemiya AW-7 Rims

Trivia Edit

  • In the Animax version of Initial D: Fourth Stage which is the only series to be dubbed in Tagalog in the Philippines except the previous series. Kyoko is briefly voiced by a well known Filipino actress, Angel Locsin who is well known for modelling as a race girl in local auto shows. Thereafter the second half of the series, she was replaced by Klariz Magboo due to Angel's conflicting schedules with her acting career.