Manuel Karamori, better known by the fans as Manuel, is an Italian musician best known for his Eurobeat tracks on Avex's Super Eurobeat collection. He made his official debut in Super Eurobeat 141 and quickly gained a lot of popularity with his energetic style that struck all the fans with energetic male vocals and slightly rougher Eurobeat. Most of his songs have a "Club Feel" with the low pulsing synth pads that seem present in many of A-Beat-C's recent releases.

Some of his songs were also featured in Initial D, making their debut in Fourth Stage.

Songs in Initial D Edit

Fourth Stage Edit

Act. 1: Project D

Act. 12: Straightaway of Struggles

Act. 15: 4WD Complex

Battle Stage 2 Edit

AE86 vs Cappuccino

Fifth Stage Edit

Act. 1: Encounter of Destiny

Act. 5: Fujiwara Zone

Songs in the Arcade games Edit

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Edit

Akina Lake

  • Let's Go, Come On


  • No Control

Initial D Arcade Stage 5 Edit


  • Adrenaline

Happogahara (Day only)

Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX Edit


  • Limousine

Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity Edit

Tsubaki Line

  • Never Say Never

In Initial D albums Edit

Initial D Dream Collection Edit

  • Track 9: Big Boy
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