Miki (御木) is a senior in the football (soccer) club of the school that Takumi attended. He drives a Celica GT-Four (ST205). In 1st Stage, Takumi punched him in the changing rooms for bragging about his sexual exploits with Natsuki, during the time when Takumi was ignorant of the truth. During winter, he kidnaps Natsuki and forces her to come to Lake Akina with him. His plans are foiled by Takumi who gets Natsuki's call for help and chases Miki with his Trueno until he spins out on the snow and Natsuki escapes his Celica.

It is later revealed that he and Shiraishi are siblings, born from a man driving a white Mercedes, though they both don't realize it.

Car Celica GT-Four (ST205)
Year 1998
Color Black (Super White II in the 3rd Stage movie)
Custom Parts C-ONE muffler, C-ONE spoiler (TRD 2000GT spoiler in the 3rd Stage movie), C-ONE hood, unknown 6-spoke wheels (white)



  • Miki has no knowledge on cars, save for his belief that a 4WD is unbeatable on snowy roads, especially against an FR.
  • Miki's Celica seems to change colors from silver to black just like Kenta's S14 changing to orange to red.