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New Initial D the Movie (新劇場版「頭文字D」Shin Gekijō-ban Inisharu Dī, also known as the Initial D Legends Trilogy) is a Japanese anime film trilogy based on the manga series Initial D. The entire trilogy covers chapters 1-50 (Volume 01-05). The post-credit sequence in Legend 3 was taken from chapter 147 (Volume 14).

The trilogy features an entirely new Japanese cast, and features J-Rock instead of the series' traditional Eurobeat (however the Battle Digest compilation film features Eurobeat).


Voice cast[]

The Japanese original features an entirely new voice cast, whereas the Sentai Filmworks dub features much of the same cast from the Funimation dub.

Character Japanese Voice Actor Sentai Filmworks Dub
Takumi Fujiwara Mamoru Miyano Joel McDonald
Keisuke Takahashi Yuichi Nakamura Gray G. Haddock
Ryosuke Takahashi Daisuke Ono J. Michael Tatum
Natsuki Mogi Maaya Uchida Brina Palencia
Itsuki Takeuchi Minoru Shiraishi Josh Grelle
Bunta Fujiwara Hiroaki Hirata Bill Wise
Yuichi Tachibana Tomoyuki Shimura Charlie Campbell
Takeshi Nakazato Junichi Suwabe Brian Mountbatten
Shingo Shoji Shuhei Sakaguchi Christopher Wehkamp
Fumihiro Keni Fukuda Michael Federico
Kenta Nakamura Yoshiya Naruke Greg Ayres
Koichiro Iketani Hiroshi Tsuchida Eric Vale
Kenji Anri Katsu Chris Bevins
Mako Sato Yumi Hara Amber Marie Flores
Sayuki Kaya Okuno Monica Rial
Toyota GT86 Driver Shin-ichiro Miki

Differences between the Movies and Manga[]

The Entire Trilogy[]

  • Many expressions on several of the characters are toned down, giving off a much more serious tone.

Legend 1: Awakening[]

  • Iketani briefly witnessed Keisuke's impromptu race with Akina's AE86. He also checked in with Keisuke to see what has happened
    • This is also the first scene in the trilogy as opposed to the Manga slowly building up to it.
  • Iketani crashed not due to oncoming traffic, something that happened in the manga, but rather a ditch in the road that caused him to lose control of his S13.
  • There was a unique ending not seen in the manga, where Takumi decided to test his skills on an uphill tofu delivery.

Legend 2: Racer[]

  • In a similar fashion to the previous movie, Kenji witnessed Ryosuke and Nakazato's impromptu race against each other as they pass by him. in the manga, a generic driver and passenger witnessed it instead.
  • In the manga, Iketani and Kenji quickly went to the Fujiwara Tofu Shop to see why Takumi hasn't arrived to his race with Takeshi. When Bunta came around with the AE86, Takumi quickly sped off to the race, with the two Speed Stars members following behind him. In the New Movie, most of the scene is the same, albeit with Iketani and Kenji staying at the start of the race.
  • Shingo was introduced the same way in both versions, however with a few differences. Shingo sped off after he bumped Iketani in the manga, only to return shortly after Takumi drifted in Iketani's S13, the following night. In the movie, Takumi was following when Iketani was bumped, prompting him to almost immediately accept Shingo's challenge after he demanded him to apologize.

Legend 3: Dream[]

  • Itsuki got his AE85 after Takumi has beaten Nakazato in the manga. In the movie, it was shown that he got it after he beat Shingo.
  • Takumi took Iketani's S13 for a spin with Iketani riding along at the same time Bunta took Yuichi along for a drift in the AE86 as he tests the new suspension settings.
  • Keisuke explains why Ryosuke refuses an offer from a pro-racing team to Fumihiro. In the manga, Ryosuke is explaining why to an unknown mechanic.
  • The Toyota GT86 made two cameos, one seen when the SpeedStars are wondering why Takumi is acting strange, after he had an intimate moment with Natsuki, and the other seen later in the movie's ending. The driver bears some semblance to Takumi himself.
  • Reminiscent of the first movie's ending, Takumi decided to once again test his skills on an uphill tofu delivery. After a few corners, he spots the GT86 again. They challenged him to a duel, to which Takumi accepts. The scene ends as he speeds off and a single drop of water falls out of the water cup.