Rage Your Dream is a song composed by m.o.v.e.

The song is featured at the ending song for acts 1-14 of First Stage and is also heard in Act 15, when Shingo Shoji crashes during the race AE86 vs EG6. The song is heard a last time (in the First Stage) in Act 20, while Iketani was going to see Mako.

It was also played in Fourth Stage at the end of the Act 24, while Takumi remembers Ryosuke and Toshiya's advice.

The song is also heard for a last time as the ending song in the final episode of Initial D: Final Stage where Takumi Fujiwara drives his father's Impreza and is passed by a Toyota GT86.

Occurrences Edit

Initial D: First Stage

Initial D: Fourth Stage

Initial D: Final Stage

Initial D: Ryosuke Takahashi's Fastest Typing-theory

  • Credits theme

Initial D Sound Files Vol 1

  • Track 30 (as Rage your dream (Initial D Mix))

Initial D Vocal Battle

  • Track 9 (as Rage Your Dream (Lover's Mix)) (performed by Kazuki Yao and Michiko Neya)

Initial D Fourth Stage Music Complete Box

  • Disc 4, Track 13

Initial D Final Best Collection

  • Track 3

Lyrics Edit

My pride says

You gotta be wild and tough

So no one intervene

Never stop, I don’t want to stop

Even if you cry

Because of a sacrificed love

Aim for the peak,

Sweep the winding street

Beep beep!

The warning chime is so cheap!

The sheep should clear the road

‘Cuz, I’m never gonna stop,

Streak my dream

Easy motivation is total stimulation

You tried to escape,

Anywhere is safety zone

Something is within your grasp

And something is forgotten

Even if the world ends

It will never change

Beasty shout,

No one can touch you

Cross over now

To the time of an intense dream

Rage your dream,

Split the darkness

Like a streak to the peak

Erase the freezing

Darkness worldwide

Rage your dream,

And open the road

Di-ding down,

Another round never slow down

A point 1 second knockdown

Reverberations left behind,

Disappear to the next town

The losers are left in the dust

Let’s ignore the constraints of logic

A Streaker runs naked

Across the street

Something they would know

Rage your dream,

Continue on the unending road

Don’t look back

On your love or your past

Go forward

And you’ll shine brightly

Rage your dream,

You’re living in the now

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