Rin Hojo (北条 凛, Hōjō Rin), is Go Hojo's elder brother and a legendary driver of Kanagawa. He was known as the Grim Reaper (死神 Shinigami), for his dangerous racing skill and at the time he was about to marry a girl named Kaori, however conflict between them including Kaori's affair with Ryosuke Takahashi made her commit suicide.

The death of Kaori led to Rin disappearing from the racing scene and went into recluse for a few years. He would eventually return to the racing scene in which he raced against (unofficially) to Team Spiral's Ryuji Ikeda.

Sometime after the race between Project D and Team Spiral, he would appear on Hakone, waiting for Ryosuke in which they both raced on the Hakone Turnpike with Ryuji Ikeda, who was going after Rin, spectating behind. After the race, both him and Ryosuke talk about Kaori and eventually reconciled and would later appear to see Project D's final race against his brother Go's team, Sidewinder.

Car Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (BNR32)
Year 1994
Plate 37-564, classification 33
Colour Gun Gray Metallic
Custom Parts NISMO front bumper, GT wing, roll cage, Large Radius Racing Muffler, 650 HP RB26DETT, OEM GT-R R33 wheels (front only in manga and arcade, both front and rear in anime), Work Meister S1 rear wheels (manga and arcade only)


Arcade Stage SongEdit

  • Forever Sad - Hely (Arcade Stage 6 AA)
  • The Top - Ken Blast (Arcade Stage 7 AA X)