The battle between Ryosuke Takahashi and Rin Hojo is the forty-seventh battle of Initial D.

Prior to the Battle Edit

During the Battle Edit

After the Battle Edit

Music Edit

Fifth Stage Edit

  1. The Race Of The Night - Dave Rodgers
  2. A Perfect Hero - Chris Stanton
  3. On Your Wings - Rich Hard

Arcade Stage 8 Infinity Edit

  • When The Sun Goes Down - Ken Blast

Arcade Stage 8 RivalSide Info Edit

Story arc: Sidewinder

Driver: Rin Hojo

Car: Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II (BNR32)

Opponent: Ryosuke Takahashi

Team: Project D

Car: Mazda RX-7 Infini III (FC3S)

Mission: Do not fall behind the Rival

Course: Hakone

Rule: Downhill

Start: Standing

Weather: Clear

Time of day: Night

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