Sakamoto (坂本, Sid) is a rally driver who trains almost exclusively on mountain passes. He has the uncanny ability to take any car and put it in a drift on a mountain pass, usually to figure a car's characteristics and limitations. He was outsourced by Wataru Akiyama, recruited by Nobuhiko in a desperate measure to defeat Takumi Fujiwara of Project D in a downhill race using a Suzuki Cappuccino, a Kei Car lighter than the Eight-Six. His speciality is driving Front engine, rear drive layout cars.

Age 26
Sex Male
Car Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R)
Year 1995
Plate 35-218, classification 71
Color Cordova Red
Custom Parts Elite SPL Front Bumper, Elite SPL Rear Spoiler, Racing Gauges (180 km/h speedometer and 9500RPM tachometer upgrade), Gold EA11R Rims, Unknown sports muffler
Japanese voice actor Hiroyuki Yoshino
English voice actor Orion Pitts