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A New Threat (掟やぶりのスーパーウエポン, Okite ya buri no sūpāuepon, known as A New Threat! in the Tokyopop version) is the first Act of Initial D: Second Stage.

This episode features the battle between Seiji Iwaki and Thunder Fire.

It also features the first half of the battle between Takeshi Nakazato and Seiji Iwaki.


Emperor, a team of racers from the Tochigi region, has arrived with the goal to crush every team in Gunma. It doesn’t take them long to discover a particular challenge in taking on the downhill legend known as Akina’s Eight-Six


Seiji sticks the Thunderfire sticker on his car

It opens with a battle between Thunder Fire and a Lancer Evolution IV in an unknown pass. Seiji overtakes the Nissan 180SX driver with minimal effort which then cuts to the scene where the Thunder Fire leader hands his sticker tothe Evo driver Seiji Iwaki, in which he cuts in half and places it on his spoiler where other race teams he defeated are stuck. Kyoichi Sudo then approaches the defeated Thunder Fire and tells them that in a single month, Emperor will rule all of Gunma since Lan Evos are the "king of the mountains".

Seiji talks to Itsuki about the Akina Eight-Six

The following day Takumi and Itsuki have a joyride in his AE85 when Seiji overtakes them. Takumi notes the behaviour of the car and realizes its acting like that because of its All Wheel Drive configuration. Seiji and Kyoichi stops at Lake Akina and admires the Evo IV when Takumi gets Itsuki reaches the same spot for canned coffee from the vending machine there. While waiting, Seiji approaches an intimidated Itsuki for directions. After pointing him out, Seiji then asks Itsuki whom the fastest racer in Akina is. He then explains about the infamous Eight-Six. Seiji then laughs him off in disbelief mocking him. Takumi overhears them both and rushes to the scene after Seiji states he wouldn't race it even if he begged. Takumi restrains Itsuki from physical violence after telling him not to underestimate the Eight-Six. Kyoichi then comes to the scene to prevent Seiji provoking both of them. He acknowledge the skill of the driver (Takumi, but not known to him ) but the car itself is obsolete. A tearful Itsuki asks why didn't he respond back. Takumi believes it's pointless for him to respond since he is unknown of how skilled he is and he's used to people talking like that about him. He then calms Itsuki down and hands over his canned coffee.

Speedstars tries to convice Takumi into upgrading his car

Back at the gas station Kenji heard about the defeat of Thunder Fire and explains the goals of Team Emperor on conquering Gunma. Aware of the threat and Emperor will have a chance of striking at Akina next, Iketani and the others need for Takumi to make changes to his car or perhaps driving a faster car. They then want Takumi to give it some thought for making modifications but a doubtful Takumi is unsure of the idea as it still belongs to Bunta. Takumi suggests to them not look up to Bunta too much. The gang now found it pointless to convince Takumi and self plan for them to modify the Eight-Six.

Kyoichi meets Ryosuke after an year

Kyoichi's past defeated battle with Ryosuke

Meanwhile Seiji and Kyoichi then stumble across Ryosuke in a friendly matter claiming he's not what he used to be last time they raced. Ryosuke sees his acquaintance in delight and is challenged by his rival to put an end to his winning streak, only for Ryosuke to tell him it was recently broken by Akina's Eight-Six not long ago much to Kyoichi's shock. He was considering retirement but doesn't want his rival to accuse him of cowardice and then drives off to notify the race teams of a rematch. Seiji offers to chase him down but Kyoichi restrains him, but Seiji tells him he's only a chump who thinks he's tough. An angry Kyoichi tells Seiji to not underestimate Ryosuke since he was defeated by him a year ago. Kyoichi then recalls Itsuki's words which would then reconsider racing him to see what skill he possesses.

Takumi grabs Itsuki

Back in the high school Natsuki covers Takumi's eyes much to his annoyance. Itsuki comes to both of them believing he is going out to date Natsuki and tries to walk home but Takumi restrains him reminding him they have work today and Natsuki coincidentally has plans for that day as well.

Nakazato and Seiji starts off their battle

Later that night in Myogi, Emperors arrive to battle with the NightKids. Seiji and Takeshi Nakazato race off in an uphill battle. Shingo roots for Takeshi just for that night. Both cars starts off with Nakazato taking the lead, and both the cars race off ahead uphill, the ending the episode.



  • Fuji TV: October 14, 1999

Characters (in order of appearance)[]

  1. Seiji Iwaki
  2. Kyoichi Sudo
  3. Takumi Fujiwara
  4. Itsuki Takeuchi
  5. Koichiro Iketani
  6. Kenji
  7. Bunta Fujiwara (Imagined)
  8. Ryosuke Takahashi
  9. Natsuki Mogi
  10. Takeshi Nakazato
  11. Shingo Shoji


  1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV RS (CN9A)
  2. Nissan 180SX
  3. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III RS (CE9A)
  4. Toyota Corolla Levin SR (AE85)
  5. Nissan Silvia K's (S13) (Imagined by Itsuki)
  6. Nissan 180SX Type II (RPS13) (Imagined by Itsuki)
  7. Mazda SAVANNA RX-7 ∞ III (FC3S)
  8. Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (BNR32)


  1. Blazin' Beat - M.o.v.e
  2. Burning Desire - Mega NRG Man
  3. キミがいる (Kimi Ga Iru) - Galla


Japanese Version[]

(Kyoichi Sudo cuts the Thunder Fire sticker in half and places it in Seiji's Evo IV)

Seiji Iwaki: It's just like when fighter pilots did when they shot down other planes. Does it look good, don't you think?

(Thunder Fire looks upset.)

Kyoichi Sudo: In a month, you're gonna see Team Emperor rule all of Gunma. We are known as the "king of the mountains".

Tokyopop Version[]

Seiji Iwaki: It's what fighter pilots did when they shot down other pilots. Looks pretty good, don't you think?

Kyoichi Sudo: In a month or so, our Emperor team will rule the Gunma Territory. Lan Evo drivers are the absolute kings.

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