Shingo Shoji (庄司 慎吾 Shōji Shingo) is a member of the Myogi NightKids who drives a red Honda Civic SiR-II (EG6). Shingo races dangerously, he will nudge his rival's car in order to make the other driver lose control if he's unsure about his own chances of winning. He doesn't find plain downhill races any fun, preferring to race against a handicap. In this handicap match, Shingo tapes his right hand to the steering wheel for the duration of the race. By doing this, Shingo limits his own steering capabilities. In terms of racing ability, Shingo is the best driver on the Night Kids team. He is also a childhood friend of Impact Blue's navigator, Sayuki.

Shingo actually shares many beliefs with Takeshi Nakazato, but whenever they watch other battles, they try to stay away from one another so that people won't mistake them as friends even though in Extra Stage, they acted like buddies. There were also times that he supported his teammate for the Night Kids' sake, like the battle against Seiji Iwaki and his Evo IV.


  • Likes: His EG6, FF Cars, Sayuki, Nakazato(?), Gumtape Deathmatches, foul play, and winning
  • Dislikes: FR Cars, Nakazato(?), simple races and losing
Car Honda Civic SiR-II (EG6)
Plate 32-145 (Battle Stage), 46-037 (Extra Stage and Fifth Stage onwards), 6-270 (New Initial D the Movie)
Year 1995

Milano Red

Custom Parts Toda high compression pistons (balanced to the connecting rods), lightweight flywheel, Exhaust manifold; custom muffler; sports computer; Mugen Steering Wheel, Mugen Bucket Seats, Mugen front end, Mugen RNR wheels; OEM Honda door visors; NightKids Sticker (Arcade Stage 4 onwards),

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Initial D Arcade Stage 4 - VS Shingo

Initial D Arcade Stage 4 - VS Shingo

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  • In Initial D: Fifth Stage, Shingo appears to have a tan.
  • It might be slightly hinted that he may be a fan of Mugen Motorsports, a Honda car tuning specialist.
  • When he made his first appearance intimidating Iketani's S13, it appears that the Mugen RNR wheels are painted in Metallic Silver. But later in the anime, especially when racing with Takumi in the Gum Tape Deathmatch in Episode 15 of First Stage, his Mugen RNR wheels suddenly became Black with a Red Trim. In the Initial D Arcade Stage video games, his Mugen RNR wheels are again only shown in Metallic Silver.
  • His voice actor in the New Initial D movie, Shuhei Sakaguchi, also voiced Hiroya Okuyama in Fifth Stage.
  • In Battle Stage, his EG6's license plate is 32-145. However, the plate was changed to 46-037 (as seen in Extra Stage, Final Stage, and the Arcade Stage series). This also applies to Mako's Sileighty.
  • Shingo Shoji had a black hairstyle in First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Stage flashback in Initial D, but then his hair changed to brown in Extra, Fifth, Final Stage and the new Initial D movies.
  • His leitmotif is Dancing by Vicky Vale and Don't Stand So Close by Dr. Love, to symbolize his dangerous driving against other racers.

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